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ICSE Prelims 2013 : Mathematics (St. Dominic's School, Bangalore)

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Srabani Bose
Jadavpur University,  Bangalore 
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ST. DOMINIC S SCHOOL CLASS Marks X CHEMISTRY 80 Question 1: (a) Correct the following statements supplying the missing words : 6x1 =6 i] The electrolysis of lead bromide liberates lead and bromine. ii] Copper sulphate crystals are dehydrated bt sulphuric acid. iii] Metals of IA group are called alkaline earth metals. iv]Blue litmus paper turns red with dry HCl gas. (b) What is atomicity? State one element with atomicity eight. (c) i] Which compound should be treated with soda-lime to obtain methane gas . Ii]Give a test to distinguish between ethane and ethyne. (d) give one difference between the following: i] Ionisation and electrolytic dissociation. ii] Ionisation potential and electron affinity. Iii] Polar and non polar molecule. Iv] Normal elements and transition elements. v] Saturated hydrocarbons and unsaturated hydrocarbons. (e) you are provided with the following substances. A. Lead chloride B. Zinc SulphideC. Sodium Carbonate D. Lead Nitrate E. Ammonium carbonate F. Calcium chloride G. Calcium sulphide H. Zinc carbonate I. Silver nitrate. Choose one substance in each case which matches the description below: I] A normal salt formed when basic oxide and acidic oxide react. Ii] An insoluble binary salt. Iii] An insoluble carbonate. Iv] An insoluble salt formed from two soluble salts. V] A salt which on heating leaves metal as residue. (f) If a crop of wheat removes 30kg of nitrogen per hectare of soil, what mass of the fertilizer calcium nitrate would be required to replace the nitrogen of a 5-hectare field ? (g) A gas sample occupies 4 liters at 270 C and P atmospheric pressure. What would be its volume at 3270 C and 2P atmospheric pressure? SECTION II (40 MARKS) Attempt any four questions from this section. Question 2 a) An electric cell is set up using two platinum electrodes and acidulated water. I] Draw and label the diagram of electrolytic cell. Ii] Name the ions present in the cell. Iii] Name the ions migrating towards anode. Iv] Name the ions migrating towards cathode.

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