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ICSE Prelims 2016 : English I (Shatavisha Public School, Hooghly)

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Shuvam Roy Chowdhuruy
Shatavisha Public School, Hooghly
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Satavisha Public School Half Yearly Examination : 2015-2016 Class : X Subject : Eng. (I) Language Name: . F.M : 80 Time : 2 hrs Section: ID. No. .. Question 1: Write a composition on any one of the topics given below: [25] a. Your friends and you celebrated a festival with some physically challenged children. Narrate how the experience was different and special. b. Capital punishment should be banned throughout the World. Give your views for or against the statement. c. School life is the best time in the life of a student. Describe some of the interesting or humorous incidents in your school life. d. Write an original short story on the following topic: On board a hijacked plane . Question 2: Write a letter on any one of the topics given below: [10] a. You heard from a friend that your younger brother, who will be twelve next month is behaving foolishly and upsetting your parents. Write a letter to him for his birthday, conveying your greetings and also persuading him to mend his ways. OR b. While you were walking on the road, you have been attacked and robbed. Write a complaint letter to your local Superintendent of Police, giving an accurate account of the incident including date, time, place of attack and description of assailants and possessions taken by them. Question 3: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: [25] The story of Robinsons Crusoe is based on a real life incident. The son of a cobbler, Alexander Selkirk, was a wayward young man, with little respect for authority. Abject conditions at sea and the cruelty of the captain made the sailors miserable in those days. It was not surprising that Alexander became rebellious and malevolent when he became a sailor. In 1704, he was Sailing Master on a ship. When it anchored for repairs near the desolate island of Juan Fernandez about 650 kilometers west of Chile they were looking for gold, which they often got by plundering other ships. In the days the followed, Alexander hatched a conspiracy. He instigated the other sailors to leave the ship and remain on the island. They would declare a ministry. Perhaps, Alexander reasoned, that the captain would refuse to sail otherwise. Unfortunately for Alexander, the crew played Judas. The captain, getting to know of Alexander part in the planned mutiny, left him behind on the island as he was bad influence on the men. He was provided with a few necessities, among them, a copy of the Bible. Alexander, marooned on an island populated only by wild eats and goats became adept at hunting and his food soon comprised fish, turtles and meat. He also made clothes with goat skin. Although a cobbler s son, he could not make shoe. Running barefoot after goats had hardened his feet. He read the Bible again and again and slowly took to reading it aloud. He spoke and sang to cats and learnt to milk goats. Once, during his stay on the island, a Spanish ship anchored near the island and the crew rowed in. Alexander was petrified and hid in the thick foliage. In those days Spain and England were at daggers drawn. Fortunately, the Spanish left after a brief rest. In February, 1709, two English ships sailed in to collect fresh water and shoot goats. Alexander rushed to them for succor. He looked strange with his unkempt hair, beard and goats skin clothes. His rescuers understood him with great difficulty. His speech hand changed a great deal. His vocabulary had shrunk and he had to grope for words. The y did, however, managed to understand his story finally. Alexander took a job as sailor on one of the ships and reached London in 1711. He returned home with a large fortune. However, he ran out of his fortune in two years and had to return to sea. Alexander s adventure became well known. P.T.O

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