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ICSE Class X Prelims 2023 : History and Civics (Delhi Public School (DPS) Megacity, Kolkata)

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Madhuchhanda Mandal Biswas
Delhi Public School (DPS) Megacity, Kolkata
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Delhi Public SchoolMegacity, Kolkata Pre-Board Examination 2022-23 M Full Marks: 80 Subject: History & Civics Duration: Class: X 2 Hours Attempt all questions from Part I [Compulsoryj. A total of five questions to be attempted from Part I1, two out of three questions from Section A and three out of the five questions from Section B. Part Attempt all questions: 1x 16 I 16 marks Q1] Select the correct option: al A Bill may be introduced in which house of Parliament? i] Lok Sabha il Rajya Sabha il Either house of Parliament iv] Vidhan Parishad b When Bill is referred to joint sitting of both the houses of Parliament, it has to be passed by : il A simple majority of members present and voting iil Three fourths majority of members present and voting i) Two thirds majority of the house iv) Absolute majority of the total membership of the house c] Which one of the following motions has contextual relationship with the union budget ? i Censure motion ii Call attention motion i i Cut motion iv] Adjournment motion d Who can initiate impeachment of the President? i 1/4 members of either house of the Parliament iil Half of the members of either house of the Parliament ii] Half of the State Legislatures iv One third members of any State Legislatures Pg 1 of 5

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