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ICSE Prelims 2017 : Mathematics (The Bishops Co - Ed. School, Kalyaninagar, Pune)

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Shreyas Kulkarni
The Bishop's Co - Ed. School, Kalyaninagar, Pune
1st to 10th
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THE atSHOp 9 eDUCATITIN SOCI TY, PUrl !!ATHT&ATICS - RIV!:iIOItI PAPER II i. ^tt Lp !p.11 i rrn.l rq ire ;!ert i. r.pri r lr.,f21:J/ queirio's nn.r szctio. a:.t ary tou( qr..t...! ctt.h B he tt.atty sh.wn a^d mutr be dane.n th.l .v4r*it19, in.tdirg ftoqh wark, 'irst oeir$;r, oresse,.ra, wr.k;rg Nill te.utt itt tois Rt itarks lt. ht.rn". a.tle t.t yf:15.,arrurtr,r:! rr.4iv''n rr i SECIION r -I t40m1 Aftemot all ouestions trom this section Qr. a) A m.n borcwed Rs. 1600 for 2 years at 6old smpe interest. At what rate nterest sholld he end the same slm forthe sarne time to qa n Rs. 571 b) c) Form the qladraUc equation, whos. roots are 3 and 4. Ir the I ne toinins the point (-2,3) and (5,-4) is perpendcu.r to the valle of p and the polnt of intersedon? (3m) (3m) lfe Q,2 d) Fnd Nvo conscohve posit ve odd nlmbers, the slm ofwhose squares s 802 b) Find the c) Draw a valle I oir.nd y, f 2 3 3 crce or dils 3 cm. Take a point the po nt P y9 0 :l (3m) (3m) P outsde it, draw tvvo tangents (4m) which is 5cm from Q,3 a) A vesse of radils 6 cm and heqht 8 cm is competey fl ed wth owered nto the w.ter and its sre s such that whef t (3m) What fractio. of water oved ows? b) I'b i. h" "d p opor o b6h64_ 'o touches the sides, d d_d , pro.. rqar (3n) c) A={8x 1>sx+1};x N B={7r 2u 3(x+6};t N F nd A ! B and A ., B. Represent on a .lnber Ine. (4m)

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