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Josna Jose
Shemford Futuristic School, North Arcot Ambedkar
Studying 12th at present PCMC
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Formatting page ... 2/2013-14/HALF YEARLY EXAMN./FIT/ CL-X HALF YEARLY EXAMINATION (2013 2014) CLASS X FOUNDATION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Time : 3 hrs. M.M. : 90 I. Multiple Choice Questions : 1. (18) What does TCP stands for? a) b) Transmission Control Protocol c) 2. Transmission Central Protocol Transparent Central Protocol d) Transparent Control Protocol The default color of link in HTML is : a) b) Green c) 3. Purple Blue d) None of these Which one of the following is not an essential requirement for internet to work? a) b) Web browser c) 4. TCP/IP Computer d) Web Camera Empty elements in HTML have : a) b) both ON and OFF tag c) 5. only ON tag only OFF tag d) None of these Uploading files to a distant computer is done by : a) b) Video Conferencing c) 6. Telnet Chatting d) FTP Which of the following is not a domain type : a) b) edu c) 7. org net d) pen FACE attribute specifies : a) Style of Font b) Bold c) Size d) All of the above (1)

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