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ICSE Class X Prelims 2021 : Geography (St. Xaviers School, Belguma, Purulia)

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Sayantan Chowdhury
St. Xavier's School, Belguma, Purulia
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St. Xavier s School , Purulia Subject : Geography ( Half Yearly Exam) Date :07/10/2020) Time: 2 hrs F.M. 80 PART 1 ( 30 marks ) ( Attempt all questions from this part ) Question no. 1 ( 20 marks ) Study the extract of the survey of India Map Sheet No. 45D/7 and answer the following questions ( E-77-86,N-83-93): (a) Give a four figure grid reference of (4) (i) Triangulated Height 307 (ii) Spot Height 196 (iii) The confluence of the Sipu River and the Mahadeviyo Nala (iv) Sheet Rock (b) Measure the shortest distance in kilometres between the temple in grid square 8192 , and the perennial lined well at Bhakodar8188 ,(1) (c) What do the following represent (2) (i) Black curved lines in 7788 (ii) The blue line in the bed of the Sipu River (d) What is the general pattern of settlements in the region shown on the map ?Give a reason for your answer .(2) (e) (i) Which is the chief form of irrigation shown in the map extract ?Why is it necessary ?(2) (f) (i) What is the main form of transport in the region ?(2) (ii)Give the map evidence for your answer .(1) (g) (i) What is the compass direction of Bhakodar 8188 from Bhadli Kotha 7886 ?(1) (ii)What is the general direction of flow of the Arado Nadi ?(1) (h)(i)Name the type of drainage pattern found in grid square 8584 .(1) (ii) What do you mean by 25r in grid square 8286 ?(1) (i) (i) What is meant by R.F. ?(1) (ii)What is the R.F.shown on this map extract ?(1)

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