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ICSE Class X Prelims 2023 : History and Civics (Royal Academy, West Medinipur) : Pre-Board

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Satyam Dey
Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan (VSN), West Medinipur
XI-XII Commerce
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Royal Acadeng Pre-Board Examination Class: X Subject History & Civics Session: 2022 2023 Time:2 Hrs. Full Marks: 80 Part -I [Attempt all questions from this part]| Question 1 A) [16xl= 16] The minimum number of times the Lok Sabha must meet in a year is- i) Once ii) Twice B) The President's address is Prepared by the i) Vice President ii) Rajya Sabha ii) Thrice iv) Four times ii) Cabinet iv) Parliament C) The body which has the final authority to interpret the constitution of India is i) Legislature D) E) ii) Executive iv) High court ii) Supreme Court The minimum age requirement for the election of the president 11) 27 years i) 25 years 11) 30 years iv) 35 years Which of the following Article deals with the Impeachment of a Supreme Court Judge? ii) Article 124 iv) Article 126 ii) Article 120 i) Article 122 F)The Appellate Jurisdiction ofthe Supreme Court extends to civil Criminal and ii) Constitutional i) Legal ii) Revenue cases iv) Labour G) Which of the following was not belief of Radicals? ii) Total Socio-economie transformation i) Wanted selfrule by the Indians. iv) Reforms within the framework of the British rule i ) Opposed to British rule and capitalism H) is the main policy making organ of the United Nation Organisation. ii) International court of justice ii) The Secretarial i) Security council ii)General Assembly Quite India movement was passed by All India congress committee on. ii)8th August, 1942 ii) 8" September. 1942 i)8hJuly. 1942 iv) 8h October. 1942 )The reason due to which Hitler attacked Poland was to ii) Regain the Danzing Port iv) Militaries the Rhine Valley area i) Control trade activities ii) Seize the coal mines K) The Headquarters of i) Geneva UNESCO is situated in iv) Paris iii) Washington i) Rome L) Gandhi Irwin Pact: march 1931:: Second Round Table Conference ii) September to January 1932 iv) September to November 1931 i) September to December 1931 ii) Septenmber to October 1931 M) Under the Treaty of Versailles the Saar ii) 12 years i) 10 years Valley ceded to France for il) 15 years was - iv) 17 years

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