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ICSE Class X Prelims 2023 : Computer Applications (Royal Academy, West Medinipur) : Pre-Board

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Satyam Dey
Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan (VSN), West Medinipur
XI-XII Commerce
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Royal Academy Pre-Board Test Subject-Computer Application Class-X Session-2022-2023 F.M. Time 2 hrs. Section -A (Attempt all the Questions from this 100 section) Ix20-20] QuestionChoose the correct answer and write the correct option. In object oriented programming, the stress is given on: i) 1. 2.methods Procedure 4. .data 3.class Which of the following principle does not allow to access directly from outside the class ii) premises: . "One things in many different form" goes with the 0OPs concept iii) . 2.encapsulation 3.classification 4. Polymorphism Inheritance The process by which a class acquires the properties from another class is called: iv) . 4.all of the above 2.encapsulation 3.abstraction data hiding Polymorphism 3. Abstraction 2.inheritance 4.object In procedural programming, the stress is laid on: v 1. 2.function Class vi) A.. . Abstraction vii) 1. 4.object . . IS a set of objects that has common attributes and common behavior. 2.encapsulation 3. class4.function What is the value of a after executing the statement int a=50; at=a+ ++a; vii) I. 3. Data 150 2.151 3. 149 4.152 Conditional operator also called Unary Operator 2. Binary Operator CAMOCK TEST 3.Ternary Operator 4.Logical Operator of1

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