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ICSE Class X Prelims 2023 : Geography (Royal Academy, West Medinipur) : Pre-Board

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Satyam Dey
Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan (VSN), West Medinipur
XI-XII Commerce
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Royal Arademy Pre-Board Examination Class X Subject:Geography Session: 2022 -2023 Full Marks: 80 Time: 2 Hrs. Part I [Attempt all questions from this part] Sx2 10 Question 1. Study the extract of the Survey of India Map Sheet No. G43S/10 and answer the following question A. Give the four figure grid reference ii) Nakhi Talao 1) r near Tarepara Nad1 B. Calculate the area enclosed within the Easting 68 to 71 (in Km) C. Name an important station other than Abu. Give reasons to support your answer D. What is the direction of general slop of the given map extract. Give advance to support your answer. E. i)What do you mean by the green wash in the given map extract? ii) What are the major occupations of the people of given map extract. 10x1 = Question 2. 10] On the outline map of India provided. mark and label the followinga) Western Ghats b) Wular Lake c) Karakoram Pass d) Bengaluru e) An iron production area through g) South-West ) Alluvial soil in north India monsoon Arabian sea f) Mahanadi h) Standard Meridian j) Malabar coastal plain [10x 1= 10] Question 3. Choose the correct answer refers to the atmospheric conditions, which prevails in large area over a long period of time ii) Weather 1) Season B. Rosewood and toon Is an example of plantation crop. ii) Rubber ii) Tropical desert forest iv) Mountain forest iii) Wheat iv) Jute ii) Humus iv) Phosphorous Red soil is rich in i) Potash E. iv) Monsoon examples of which of the following forests? i) Tropical deciduous forest ii) Tropical evergreen forest i) Rice D. are ii) Climate ii) Lime Which of the following type of iron has more than 70% iron content in it? i) Siderite ii) Magnetite i) Haematite iv) Limonite

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