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ICSE Class X Prelims 2020 : History and Civics (Cambridge School, K. R. Puram, Bangalore) : revision

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Cambridge School, K. R. Puram, Bangalore
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Cambridge School K.R.PURAM, BANGALORE-36 HISTORY & CIVICS WORKSHEET-1 First War of Indian Independence CLASS-X PART-I I. Answer the following: 1. Why was the war of 1857 hailed as the First War of Independence? 2. How was Awadh annexed? What was Lord Dalhousie s justification to annexation? 3. What was the Nana Sahib s main grievance against British? 4. Why was Absentee Sovereignty resented by the Indians? 5. How did the British expand their territorial power in India? 6. Give any four examples of outright wars waged by British in India. 7. Why did Rani Lakshmi Bai become a bitter enemy of the British? 8. Give examples to show how the British exploited resources of India. 9. Give any two grievances of the peasantry against the British. 10. What was the immediate cause of the First War of Indian Independence? 11. What did the British do to reduce the landed aristocracy to poverty? 12. What was the main factor for the unhappiness of the Indian artisans and craftsmen? 13. Who became the first Viceroy of India? 14. Write a note on: i. General Enlistment Act iv. Doctrine of Lapse ii. Drain of Wealth v. Subsidiary Alliance iii. Absentee Sovereignty PART-II II. Explain the following ( any four points each): 1. Political causes 7. Queen Victoria s Proclamation 2. Socio- Religious causes 8. Relations with Princely States 3. Economic causes 9. Policy of Divide and Rule 4. Military causes 10. The reorganisation of army 5. Results of the war 11.The changes introduced in 6. The Government of India Act 1858 administrative set up ********


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