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ICSE Notes 2018 : English Paper 1 (English Language) (SDA Higher Secondary School, Maninagar, Ahmedabad)

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Sandeep Patankar
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English grammer test preposition-tenses A. Complete the following sentences using appropriate prepositions. 1. We started . six .. the morning. 2. He was born . a small village. 3. They killed the snake .. hitting it. 4. That portrait was painted my grandfather. 5. You have eaten six mangoes morning. 6. The boy has been missing two days. 7. They don t let anybody in five o clock. 8. An old feud existed . the families. 9. I heard this a friend . mine. 10. His illness has taken a turn .. the worse. 11. I saw him felling the tree an axe. 12. .. Mark and Harry, there were three other boys in the team. Fill the gaps with the correct tenses. 1. The London Dungeon (lie) word Dungeon (stand) 2. The museum (take) 3. It (demonstrate) 4. in the oldest part of London - in an old subterranean prison (that's what the for). its visitors on a journey through England's bloody history. the brutal killings and tortures of the past. You (experience / can) Plague of 1665. 5. for example how people (die) The Dungeon also (show) who (be) scenes of Jack the Ripper or the beheading of Anne Boleyn, one of Henry VIII s six wives. 6. The atmosphere at the Dungeon (be) 7. While you (walk) Dungeon(employ) 8. on the Gallow or during the really scary - nothing for the faint-hearted. around the Dungeon, watch out for creepy creatures - the actors to give its visitors the fright of their lives. The actors, dressed as monsters, ghosts or executers, (hide) then suddenly (jump) 9. And the horror (end / not) 10. (you / eat / ever) 11. Well, if you (fancy) 12. The museum (want) 13. And this it (do) in the dark corners of the Dungeon and out and (grab) one of the visitors. at the exit of the exhibition. a pizza with fingers and eyeballs on it? that kind of food, you (love) the meals at the Dungeon restaurant. to provoke, shock, educate and delight. extremely well. 14. Since its opening in 1975, the Dungeon (attract) many visitors from all over the world. 15. Besides the regular opening hours, the Dungeon sometimes also (open) 16. If you (have) enough money and nerves of steel, you (book / can) conferences or charity events at night. 17.And on 31 October, a frightfully good Halloween Party (take place) at night. the Dungeon for parties, at the Dungeon every year.

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