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Sahil Meher
St. Anne's Convent School (SACS), Sonepur, Subarnapur
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ASSQCIATION QS QDTST{A.C.HT{ATTISGARH ICSE SCHOOLS TCSA MODEL EXAMINATTON _ 2OI5 BIOLCIGY (Science Paper-3) (Two Hours) Answers ta this Paper must be'written on tfte paper provided ,separately. You will nct be allowed to write dwring the -first 15 minutes. This time i,r to be spent in reading lhe question paper. Tke time giv-en ut the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writinz the answer,s' Attempts all questions Jront Section - I and anyfour questions from Section The intended ntarks.for ions or stions are given in brackets. - IL SECTION-I (40 Marks) (Attempt all questions from this section) Ouestion-1 Name the following : The membrane that sumounds the fbetus.. Knot-like mass of blood capillaries inside the Bowman's capsule of a nephron" l;,', iii) A foreign body thai induces the formation of antibodies in the body.7,. .,. iv) The stage at which centromeres split in mitosis. v) A gene that expresses in homozygous as well as in heterozygous conditron. b) State the main function of the following I Pupil Semicircular canals. iii) Seminiferous tubules. iv) Chordae tendinae. v) Neurotransmitters. c) Copy and complete the following by filling in the blanks 1 to 5 with Appropriate rvords. a) i) ii) [5 {l' i) ii) Is Is Water enters the root hair from the soil by the process of (1). U la g'y7ta ot't4 This is because the solution in thc soil is _(2) Where as the cell 'Sap in root hair (3). cell is The water then passes through lhe the (4) cells by cell to cell ' (5) and reaches the Xylem of the root. d) Given below are f,rve sets with four terms each. In each set one term Is odd and can not be grouped in the same category to r.vhich the other three belong. Identify the odd one in each set and name the Category to which the remaining three belong. Is i) Malleus, pinna, incus, stapes, ii) Blinking, ifuitting without looking, Srniling, Blushing. iii) Cresol, DDT, Mercurochromee Bordeaux Mixture. LC.S.E. Model Exam 2015 Biology Page 7 of$

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