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ICSE Class X Prelims 2019 : Duelling (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hogsmeade)

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Rikhil Gupta
Christ Academy ICSE School, Bangalore
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HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY PAPER NAME: THEORY OF DEULLING Maximum marks: 80 ; Time: 2hrs Grade: 2nd year students Answers to this paper must be written on the paper provided separately. You will not be allowed to write for the first 15 minutes. This time is to be spent in reading the Question paper. Attempt all questions 1. What are the 4 formalities before a duell between 2 wizards? What will happen if you do not follow the formalities. Explain. [5] 2. What spell will you use for disarming the opponent. State 3 other reasons why you can use this spell. [4] 3. Which are the 3 unforgivable curses? Which group of people use them the most? Name thei leader. [5] 4. What legal action will be taken if you use an unforgivable curse? [2] 5. When and where, and for what reasons have unforgivable curses been used in the past? [5] 6. With what spell can you levitate a person? When can it be used? [2] 7. How to conjure up a snake? What is the language of the snakes? Name 3 people who have spoken this language. [5] 8. Name the 2 strongest wizards in the history of magic. [2] 9. Why is it that anyone who holds the position of defence against the dark acts must resign, or dies, or is fired. Explain the curse in detail [5] 10. Name a person who had used an unforgivable curse on his own dad. Why did he do so? What happened to him? Where is he now? [4] 11. State the material with which a duelling sheet is made. [1] 12. State the name of any 3 protective charms, out of which one must be the strongest of all. Against which spell can they not be used? Why? [5] 13. Which was the most powerful wand in the history? Where and in what condition is it in presently? [3] 14. How to kill a person using: i) Expelliamus ii) wingardum leviosa iii) lumos maxima iv) Expecto patronum v) Imperius [5] 15. State any 2 laws of the ministry of magic. [2] 16. Who is the most feared wizard in the history of magic? Give 4 reasons. [5] 17. Which house belongs to:1) Smartest people ii) bravest people iii) Cunning people. Give 2 examples of students belonging to each house. [9] 18. To which house did Dumbledore belong? [1] 19. How many times did Harry have a duell(as small as it may) with Voldemort? State the outcome along with each duell. [5] 20. Who was the first person to successfully escape Azkaban? How did he do that? [3] 21. Name in sequence, the possessors of the elder wand. [5] 22. Name any 2 teachers who had taught in Hogwarts, but were in Voldemort s side.[2] *All the best* *Hope you liked the paper*


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