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ICSE Prelims 2018 : Environmental Science (Shishuvan English Medium School, Mumbai)

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Shishuvan English Medium School, Mumbai
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Question 1 (a) Givetwo reasons why cooking gas is considered to be a better fuel than kerosene oil or wood. [2] (b) Statetwo modifications in the design of an engine that have not only improved the efficiency of the engine but has also reduced pollution. [2] (c) Statetwo advantages associated with the development of small scale industries. [2] (d) Statetwo reasons for the melting of the Gangotri Glacier. [2] (e) State any two provisions given in the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 to protect Indian Wildlife.[2] Question 2 (a) State two objectives of the integrated rural development programme. [2] (b) List any two recommendations of the National forest policy. [2] (c) Suggesttwo strategies to dispose solid waste. [2] (d) What is Gasohol? Give a reason for its present popularity in some countries. [2] (e) Listtwo reasons leading to the decrease in the level of the water table in Delhi. [2] Question 3 (a) Nuclear fusion in the near future will solve the problem of energy. Stateone advantage andone disadvantage associated with nuclear fusion. [2] (b) Explain the role of satellites in environment protection and management. [2] (c) Mentiontwo economic policy measures to control pollution. [2] (d) Statetwo reasons for the rapid extinction of species in the ocean. [2] (e) Why is it important to maintain a buffer zone around a forest? [2] Question 4 (a) State two objectives of the Global Environmental Facility support. [2] (b) State anytwo factors that affect the population of a particular place. [2] (c) State two objectives of Project Tiger. [2] (d) Mention two characteristics of fertile soil. [2] e) Statetwo ways as to how the use of pesticides impacts the ecology. [2] SECTION B (40 Marks) Answerany fourquestions from this Section Question 5 (a)Secondary cities can play an important role to counter the problem of Migration. Justify the statement giving reasons. [5] (b) Enumerate the effects of an increasing population on the environment. [5] Question 6 (a) How can land use management help conserve soil? [5] (b) What is energy plantation? Statethree characteristic of plants that can be grown for this purpose. [ 5] Question 7 (a) What are Gene Banks? Statethree objectives to maintain a Gene Bank. [5] (b) What is conservation tillage? Statetwo advantages andtwo disadvantages of conservation tillage. [5]

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