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ICSE Class X Board Exam 2015 : German

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Rahul Kumar Dubey
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SELF ASSESSMENT 2 STANDARD 10 HISTORY 1. Answer the following in a few sentences. (2x4=8) a. What do you understand by the Doctrine of Lapse ? b. What do you understand by the statement - ' subordination of the Indian economy to British interests ?' c. What was the immediate cause for the Revolt of 1857 ? d. Why did the annexation of Awadh become a reason for the uprising ? 2. Answer in brief ( 4 x 3 = 12 ) a. Indian societal and religious sentiments were not respected by the East India Company administration. Explain. b. Explain how the permanent settlement of Bengal become a reason for the resentment of the peasant class in general and the older landed aristocracy in particular. c. What was the General Services Enlistment Act ? d. The Mughal Emperor was treated discourteously which hurt the sentiments of the Indian. Explain why this became a reason for the Revolt and how the East India company dealt the final blow to the Mughal Empire.


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