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ICSE Class IX Prelims 2020 : Physics

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Prem Gupta
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Post Bag No.2, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore-560100 S 2, S , 560100 Telephone: 18004252229,18001034455 (Toll Free) or 080-22546500 $ : 18004252229,18001034455 ( ) 080 22546500 Name & Address : 169 HUMAN WELFARE AND DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY 169 FAIZABAD ROAD LUCKNOW UTTAR PRADESH 226006 Ph:919999999999 226006 Date of Communication: Related CPC Order Reference Number and Order Date : Communication Reference No : CPC/1314/A7/1427322982 2013-14 16/04/2015 ITR Form Type : A.Y. PAN: S ! ! AAATH4110Q 7 22-01-2015 CPC/1314/T16/1427322982 Dear Madam/Sir, Subject: Status of your ITR filed with CPC for PAN AAATH4110Q, Assessment Year 2013-14 Ref: - E-Filing Acknowledgement Number 153289080290314 Dated 29-03-2014 Your return for the above mentioned assessment year will henceforth be rectified by your Assessing Officer assessing officer for any rectification related issues. LKN/W/92/1 . You are requested to contact your Jurisdictional You may also log on to and click on "Know your Jurisdictional AO" under "SERVICES" menu for further details. Digitally signed by Date: 20150424140706 Reason: DIGITALLY SIGNED Location: BANGALORE-CPC Yours Faithfully PRADEEP S Assistant Commisioner Of Income Tax-CPC Q ( ) Bangalore This Communication is computer generated and may not contain signature. Where sent by email, this is signed with the digital signature of the Income Tax Department-CPC which is obtained from a certifying authority under Information Technology Act,2000. For any queries,please quote the PAN and Communication Reference Number and call on the telephone number provided above. 15005807079000 Page 1 of 1


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