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ICSE Class X Sample / Model Paper 2018 : Biology

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Pyush Parmar
Progressive Education (II) School, Indore
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Name: Progressive Education IV First Review-July 2018 Grade: 10 Subject: Biology ______________________________________________ Date: ______________________ Day: ___________________ M.M- 25 Marks obtained: Grade: Examiner's Sign: ______________________ ________________________________________________________________________ I. Choose the correct answer:- (6) Q 1. Cells divides for a. Growth b. Replacing dead cells c. Repairing tissues d. All of the above Q2. For the growth & development of body a specific type of cells divide which is known as a. Nerve cells b. Somatic cells c. Reproductive cell d. None of the above Q 3. Identity of cell or genetic material is enclosed in a. Nucleus of the cell b. Cytoplasm of the cell c. Both a & b d. None of the above Q 4. We prepare for exam & that period is known as preparation phase, but when cell want to divide it will go for? a. karyokinnesis

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