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ICSE Prelims 2018 : Biology (St. Michaels School (SMS), Siliguri, Jalpaiguri)

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Nimish Jain
St. Michael's School (SMS), Siliguri, Jalpaiguri
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ICSE-X-BIOLOGY PAPER 5- 45marks A. NAME THE FOLLOWING; (5) 1. These cell organelles are called the suicide bags of the cell. 2. A stage of mitosis when each duplicated chromosome starts to condense, microtubules form a spindle apparatus, and the nuclear envelope starts to break up. 3. Specific sequences of nucleotides on a chromosome that encode particular proteins. 4. A phenomenon by which a cell is charged with water with its walls in a state of tension. 5. Chemical substance generally derived from plants which kills bacteria. B. Complete the following statements by choosing the correct alternative out of those given in the brackets (5) 1. An example of a renewable source of energy is ---------(coal, petroleum, trees) 2. The tissue that transfers the organic food prepared by the leaves to the lower parts of the plant is ----------(phloem, xylem, parenchyma) 3. The fight of flight response is due to the hormone of ---------(adrenal cortex, adrenal medulla, gonads) 4. The expulsion of completely developed foetus from the uterus is known as ----(gestation, ovulation, parturition). 5. The primary constriction on the chromosome is also known as (centrosome, satellite, centromere) C. Given below are groups of terms. In each group the first pair indicates the type of relationship that exists between the terms .Complete the second pair on a similar basis. Example: Chlorophyll: Magnesium:: Haemoglobin : iron (5) 1. Sulphur dioxide: acid rain:: carbon dioxide: ---------2. Eye: optic nerve:: ear : ---------3. Cones: iodopsin :: rods : ------------4. Light reaction: grana :: dark reaction : -------------5. Thylakoid: chloroplast:: cristae : ------------- D Explain the terms: (5x2) 1. Food web. 2. Homeostasis. 3. Denitrification. 4. Osmotic pressure. 5. Ovulation E. Given below is an example of a certain structure and its special function eg. erythrocyte and transportation of oxygen. (5) On a similar pattern fill in the blanks: 1. Organ of corti and -------. 2. Ciliary muscles and ---------

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