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ICSE Notes 2018 : Biology (St. Michaels School (SMS), Siliguri, Jalpaiguri)

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Nimish Jain
St. Michael's School (SMS), Siliguri, Jalpaiguri
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CLASS X-BIOLOGY SAMPLE PAPER-3 A. NAME THE FOLLOWING; (5) 1. The inner walls of the mitochondia thrown into folds. 2. Any of the alternate forms of a gene, which occupy the same relative position on homologous chromosomes. 3. The protein along with DNA that constitutes the chromatin fibre. 4. The upward movement of water and minerals from the root to the leaves through the xylem. 5. The tissue found in human cheek. B. Give appropriate terms for the following: (5) 1. An apparatus used to demonstrate respiration. 2. the process of killing pathogenic organisms by heat radiation or chemicals 3. the process in which two gametes unite to form a zygote. 4. the ability of an organism to resist infections 5. a yellowish fluid that remains after blood clotting C. Give reasons; (5x2) 1. Photosynthesis stops if the temperature is raised above 35oC. 2. Fresh water fish cannot survive in sea water. 3. Diabetes insipidus differs from diabetes mellitus. 4. Injection of adrenalin increases the heart beat. 5. A closed can of dried seeds bursts open if some water enters it by accident. D. Complete the following statements by choosing the correct alternative from those given in the brackets (5) 1. Bacteria found in the nodules of leguminous plants are----------- ( parasitic, saprophytic, symbiotic ) in nature. 2. A plant that has hydatodes is --------------(banana, fern, mango) 3. The embryo inside the uterus is protected from jerks and mechanical shocks by ------ (allantois, uterine wall, amniotic fluid). 4. The gland that has both endocrine and exocrine functions is the ----------.( pituitary gland ,adrenal gland ,pancreas) 5. The mineral element essential for the clotting of blood is --------(iron,iodine,calcium).

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