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ICSE Prelims 2016 : Chemistry (GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai)

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Nikhil Subhash
GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai
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CHEMISTRY PRACTICE PAPER -2015-16 Grade: 10 Time: 2hrs Date: 28.12.2015 Max.marks: 80 _______________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: The time stated above is the time allowed for writing the examination. In addition the first 15 minutes will be the time given for reading the question paper. This paper is divided into Section A( 40 marks) and Section B ( 40 marks). Answer all questions from Section A and any four questions from Section B ________________________________________________ SECTION A ( 40 MARKS ) Answer ALL Questions Question 1: (a). Fill in the blanks with appropriate word/s in each case : [5] (i) Increase in nuclear charge of an atom ________ [decreases/increases] the tendency of the atom to lose electrons. (ii) Alkenes generally undergo ____________ type of reaction.[addition/ substitution ] (iii) An atom is said to be a non-metal if it _________ [gains/loses] one or more electrons. (iv)Covalent compounds are formed by sharing electron pairs between nonmetallic atoms. Non-metallic atoms having ___, ___, ____ Valence electrons [3, 5, 6, 7] share one, two or three pairs of electrons respectively. (v) The covalent molecule containing three single covalent bonds is ________ [water /methane / ammonia] This paper consists of 5 printed sides 1

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