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ICSE Prelims 2017 : Biology (St. Patricks Junior College, Agra)

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Neelam Agarwal
St. Patrick's Junior College, Wazirpura, Agra
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Test - Cell division and genetics Name the following : 1. A certain structure that initiates cell division2. A cross between one pair of contrasting character. 3. A gene that can express only when in a similar pair4. A hereditary disease in which blood does not clot. 5. A membrane that disappear during late prophase 6. A region of plant body where cell division occurs very actively.7. A specific part of chromosomes that determines heredity characteristics8. Acts as a bearer of heredity units.9. Alternate forms of same gene 10. .............. chromosomes does not take part in sex determination 11. Cell divides into two daughter cells 12. Cell division in repairing of worn out tissues 13. Chromatids form network of chromatic fibres 14. Chromatin fibre is made up of .......... and 15. Chromosomes are attached to the spindle fibres by 16. Condensation of chromatin into typical chromosom 17. Development of spindle18. Division of cytoplasm19. Division of nuclear- . 20. DNA adenine is paired with .... 21. DNA guanine is paired with 22. DNA replicates in the ................ of the cell cycle23. DNA strands are made up of and four types of . 24. Duplication of dna occurs in the 25. Each centriole is surrounded by radiating rays called 26. Exchange of genetic material between the arms of homologous chromosomes27. Father of genetics28. Function of centomere29. Function of DNA30. Growth of shoot. (b) Formation of pollen grains. (c) Repair of worn out tissues.31. How many genes in human32. How many sex chromosomes are present in male and 33. How many types of variation of ear lobes are found in human population34. It do not participate in sex determination35. Monohybrid ration36. Nuclear membrane disappears37. ........... are specific segments of DNA 38. Pairing of homologous chromosomes39. Phase of cell cycle during which the cell grows40. Phase of cell cycle in which DNA replication takes place41. Physical expression of a trait42. Process by which gametes are formed 43. Reappearance of nuclear membrane44. Recognizable feature of an organism45. Sate the significance of mitosis. 46. Second law of mendel47. Separation of sister chromatids48. Shortest phase of mitosis-

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