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ICSE Class X Prelims 2024 : History and Civics (Karnataka ICSE Schools Association KISA, Bengaluru)

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KARNATAKA ICSE SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION ICSE STD. X Preparatory Examination 2024 Subject: HISTORY& CIVICS (H.C.G PAPER -1) Maximum Marks: 80 Time Allowed: Two hours Date: 19-01-2024 Answers to this Paper must be written on the answer sheet provided separately. You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes. This time is to be spent in reading the question paper. The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers. Attempt all questions from Part I (Compulsory). A total of five questions are to be attempted from Part II, two out of three questions from Section A and three out of five questions from Section B. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ]. __________________________________________________________________________________ PART I Attempt all questions from this Part Question 1 Choose the correct option: (i) [16] The number of members elected to the Rajya Sabha from the states is______ (a) 238 (b) 235 (c) 236 (d) 230 (ii) Given below are details of a few Indian citizens. Select the person who fulfils the eligibility criteria to become the Prime Minister of India Person Age [In Description years] W 65 An industrialist who has been declared bankrupt X 35 Has taken up the citizenship of the United States of America Y 22 Is a reputed sportsperson Z 33 Is a scientist (a) W (b)X (c) Y (d) Z This question paper consists of SEVEN printed pages.

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