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ICSE Class X Mid-term 2021 : Computer Applications : Ryan International School ,Kundalahalli

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Melvin P
Ryan International School (RIS), Kundalahalli, Bangalore
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RICSE TERM II ASSESSMENT TIME: 1.15HRS MARKS: 50 STD: X SUBJECT: Computer Applications Question 1. Fill in the blanks [5m] _is a set of related classes and interfaces. [Library classes in Java-1m] 2. classes in Java encapsulation the primitive data type into an object. [Library classes in Java-1M] 3. When we try to assign the object of a wrapper class to a primitive type variable it automatically converts the object back to the primitive type it is called [Library classes in Java-1M) 4. _operator is used to allocate memory to array variables in Java. [Array-1M] 5. Counting of Array elements begins from [Array-1M] Question 2. Choose the correct options [5m] 1. Which keyword is used to define packages in Java. (Package, PKG, package) [Library classes in Java -1M] 2. Which method returns a string after converting the data in integer type passed as an argument. (toString (), toHexString(), valueOf0) [Library classes in Java-1M] 3. Linear search is also called as (sequential search, binary search) [Array-1M) 4. In Java array elements are (primitive, non primitive ,objects) [Array-1M] 5. String is a, d a t a type.( Composite, primitive, complex) [Library classes in Java-1M] Question 3. Explain the following methods and give proper syntax. 1. charAt() [Library classes in Java-2M] 2. floatvalue() [Library classes in Java-2M] 3. toString0 [Library classes in Java-2M] 4. parselnt(0[Library classes in Java-2M] Bm Question 4. Answer in short 1. Write the output for the following [10m) String A = "26", B="100 String D= A+B+"200" int x = Integer.parselnt{A); int y = Integer.parselnt(B); [Library classes in Java-2M) 2. State difference between Sorting and Searching. [Array-2M] 3. If ar[]={1,0,8,5,2 Array-2M]

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