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ICSE Class X Prelims 2020 : History and Civics (Goldcrest High, Vashi, Navi Mumbai)

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Mahim Bhandari
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GOLDCRHT M tGII GOLDCREST HIGH, VASHI COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT (2019 - 20201 GRADE: 10 A NAMEOFSTUDENT: ~ ~~ MARKS: 80 DATE . : 21.11.19 History & Civics H.C.G. Paper -1 (Two Hours) Answer to this paper must be written on the paper provided separately. You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes. This time is to be spent in reading the question paper. The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers. Attempt all questions from Part I (Compulsory). A total of five questions to be attempted from Part II, two out of three questions from Secfjon A and three out of five questions from Section B. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ]. PART I [30 MARKS] Attempt all questions from this part Question 1. a. How is the Rajya Sabha members elected? (1] ~ a t is meant by Residuary powers of the parliament? [1] c. State the composition of the Electoral College in the election of the President of India. [1] d. How many members can the President nominate to the L:ok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha? [1] e. ~Y whom and on whose advice are the Council of Ministers.appointed? [1] f. Why is Supreme Court said to be the guardian of the constitution? [1] g. What is the Appellate Jurisdiction of the High Court? [1] h. "The High Court is a court of record. What does it mean? [1] ~ame the current Chief Justice of India? j. Who can increase the number of Judges of the Supreme Court? [1] (1] Question 2. @Mention any two Repressive colonial policies of Lord Lytt~r:a- b. Name two forerunners of the Indian National Congress. [2] [2] P.T.O 1

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