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ICSE Boards 2016 Predictive Paper

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Answers practice exam 2016 Q1: I am bid forth to supper, Jessica: There are my keys-but wherefore should I go? I am not bid for love: they flatter me: But yet I ll go in hate, to feed upon The prodigal Christian-Jessica, my girl, Look to my house-I am right loath to go: a) b) c) d) Shylock-Launcelot-he is kind enough but a huge feeder-snail slow in profitsleeps during the day more than the wild cat-Venice, in front of shylock s house. (4) Reluctant-he had dreamt of money bags that night and fears that some ill is brewing towards his home-Jessica elopes with Lorenzo that night and carries away with her ducats and jewels. (4) To lock up his doors-not to clamber up to the windows when she hears the sound of the wry necked fife-not to thrust her head out into the street to gaze upon Christian faces with painted faces-to shut the windows so that the sound of silly foppery does not enter the house. -there was a masque that night. (5) Bassanio-to flatter him as he has borrowed money from him. (2) Q2: How all other passions fleet to air? As doubtful thoughts, and rash embraced despair, And shuddering fear, and green eyed jealousy! O love, be moderate: allay thy ecstasy; In measure rain thy joy; scant this excess! a) b) c) d) Portia-Bassanio has asked for the key to the leaden casket-as she was afraid that she would not be able to withstand the excessive blessings that are being showered upon her. (4) The eyes seem to move or because he was looking at them they seemed to be in motion-the lips were parted due to her sweet breath-the painter had played the role of a spider in painting her hair-he had woven a golden mesh to entrap the hearts of men-her eyes were so brilliant that he feels the painter could have lost his sight having painted one eye and been unable to paint the second one. (5) She considers herself unlessoned, unschooled, unpractised/wishes to be better to stand higher in Bassanio s esteem/is happy to be led by Bassanio and gives herself to him.(any one) (2) His dearest friend- the kindest man the most helpful man the one in whom the ancient roman honour appears most prominent.-because he was willing to stake everything he had including his life in order to help his friend. (4)

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