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ICSE Prelims 2017 : Physics (Gospel Home School (GHS), Rishra)

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Debarghya Sarkar
St. Augustine's Day School, Kolkata
XI - XII Science
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t- I I d t GOSPEL IrOME SCHOOL, RISHR.A' SECOND MODEL TEST 2OL6-2AL7 SUBJECT - PHYSICS CLASS -X TIME:2 HOURS l i FULL MARKS: 80 ta this paper must be uritten on the paper prouided geparately" you wilt noi a" alloraed to utrite during the first 15 minutes. This time is to be spent iru reading tlrc Question Paper' *itin, th" on"*t'"' Th" ti*" niurn ot th. h"od of thi ,o0", i" th" ti*" ouo*"d fo, \ I Ansu-rcr J . - t i AttemptallquestionsfromsectionAondanyfourquestionsfromSectionB, ore given in bracket The intended morks for questions or ports of questions Section A (Attenqp!-el!-ggesllonE) i /\4 \44 named? [2] and why is it so a. Draw ihe V-l graph for non-ohmic resistor. what is the slope of the graph called heater the electric you for use should nichrome b. which of the two wires of same dimensions, of copper or t2l element? Give reason. pand take emission Y ray c. When does a substance exhibit radioactivity? ln a simpie radioactive decay, does cr, i2l piacesimuitaneouslY? , producing it' 121 d. Explain why an induced current must flow in such a direction so as to oppose the change t2l e. Why is the core of a transformer made of soft iron? \44. a" of resistance of the heating element (ii) current An eiectric heater is rated 1o0o w-200 v. calcuiate {i) the value flowing through it' 121 b. Wrnch pin in an eiectric plug is made thicker and why e c" On wnich principle does a toy car work and to obtain what? in the direction # )6.aKJ of energy causes a displacement of 64 m in a body "'-'"' forr"appiieo ii't ,f'," power ' e. Mention two economic measures to reduce global warming' [2] of force in 2.5 seconds' calculate (i) the t2l t2l Q3. a" b. refraction depends on which two factors? The shift by wnich an object appears to be raised cjue to panel. what is a solar celi macie up of ? Give one disadvantage of solar c. d. F the iength of air column How is the frequency of vibration of air coiumn related to Explain why the sky appears blue in colour' Draw the cooling curve for naphthalene' ? i2r Ltl t2l rrl 14) r^l lzl o4 a. b. c. d. e. 20" c changes into ice at 0"C ?Take specific heat capacity How mr-rch heat energy is released when 5 g of water at i2l of water =a.2 Jlg/kspecific latent heat of fusion of light of t2l speed the does how case slate, A light rav passes from water to (i) air (ii) glass. ln each a 5N"Draw magnitude of forces each by applying two A steering wheel of diameter 0.5 m is rotated anticlockwise 12tr moment of couple diagram to show the application of forces and caiculate the a placed inside (ii) calorimeter polished are Explain briefly (i)the outer and inner surfaces of a calorimeter t2l wooden t2l which on The magnitude of e.m"f induced in the secondary coii depends ice=336J/g" change' applied' jacket, factors" Section B bttempt onv four ouestions) Qs. a. a cylindrical anode' Show how uril! you Draw a cathode ray tube consistin! of a heater, a cathode and 1000 V to the electrodes of the tube? connect a low tension battery of 6 V and a high tension of t4l

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