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ICSE Prelims 2017 : Bengali 2 (Gospel Home School (GHS), Rishra)

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Debarghya Sarkar
St. Augustine's Day School, Kolkata
XI - XII Science
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r GOSPEL;HOM E SCHOOL,RISH RA I FAINAL MODEL TEST .20L6-20L7 I I CLASS i - I X SUBJECT- BENGAH ( 2nd LANGUAGE ) l Time - 3 Hours Full Marks :80 Answer to this paper must be written on the paper provided separately. You wiil not be allowed to write during the firsL 1"5 minutes. This time !s to be spent ln reading the questiorp paper" This paper comprises of two section, Section - A and Section - B. Attempt all the questions from section A. Atternpt four questions from section B, Answering at ieast one qLiestion fnom eacl'l part and any two other question. Section * l! (40 Mlarks) i I Qi:estion - 1 Write a short composition in tsengali of approximately 250 words on any one of the foilowing (15) tepics : (ilTfrWq,Eac'rI (ii)qtfrmt ; rt:ffir sr<-dl i Ixir<m z gfr-fi - {<Tft-{ sr<-F{ - a{qisE TIfufr<q ffi"rd'- (iii) ,.{$'m E+irel-< ft-,flrqrr"{ qrqsctf cq?i Trfu E]s - rl i ftm sr(,+-fr '- "{Q 4<m TfslF fr-cs qsm ffiFrouH (oifilru-s qRffi fie{ corf,rs ilrd fi ul-{ TG UArq el cflq {iv) - ' EE suq-t +r i r ri iirl rl :i 1! Question - 2 (7) Write a letter in Qengali in iapproxinnately 120 words on any^of the topics given beiow I I tit qp-Etcq orflrg qniwpmryqr s*tft< qdr qsF qdtat qrdril , cry{FFFRT I 'tl qfuut I fmrr ffi <,fd'|,$T{ oHr{ Iq.s qsB "E ffi{ tiit<toaqFrc.rcq S_rfficffi qffis qq<IqercT {""ffqrsT $.l(q i: ,rl' i i | <r-{qlrrs erq ltkEe.r< c{ 4sf; TI cqqi r DTFI ffi q1q , s w?rcdu.ffrcx 1'

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