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ICSE Prelims 2017 : Chemistry (Gospel Home School (GHS), Rishra)

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Debarghya Sarkar
St. Augustine's Day School, Kolkata
XI - XII Science
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GOSPEL HOME SCHOOL, RISHRA FI RST MODET TEST 2OL6-ZOT7 SUBJECT- CHEMISTRY ctAss TIME:2 HOURS -x FULL MARKS:80 Anstuer to this paper rrutst be written onthe paper prouided separatelg" You wilt not be allouted to uite duing the first L5 minutes. This time is to be spent in reading tLrc Question Paper. The time giuen at the head of this paper is the time allowed for writing the ansuters" Attempt all questions from section I and ang four questions from Section IL The interuded marks.for qttestions or parts of questions are given in bracket Section - l [40marks] questions frorn this section all Attempt QUESTION-1.A)Electrolysis is used in the purification of metals. i)Name the :-a)Anode b)Cathode c)Electrolyte d)Name the process. ii)Write the electrode reactions for the purification of copper" .iii)Which kind of metals are purified by this process? 4v)Write one observation for above process. v))Define the process. [4x1+2+1+1+2] Bli)Calculate the number of moles and the number of molecules present in 1.4g of ethylene gas. ii)What is the volume occupied by the same amount of ethylene? iii)What is the vapour density of ethylene? iii)Define Avogadro's Number. iv)State Gay Lussac's Law" 13+2+!+2+2) C]Answer in one or two word(s):ilName an efflorescent substance" ii)Name an insoluble metal hydroxide. iii)State the product obtained when nitrogen pentoxide reacts with water. jv)What is the colour of methyl orange indicator in alkaline medium? vlWrite the name of an acid salt. vi)Narne one \Mater soluble carbonate salt. t6l DlWrite the balanced chemical equation for the prepration of the following salts from the given starting materials:i)Copper sulphate from Copper(ll)oxide ii)lron(lll)chloride from iron. iii)Potassium sulphate from potassium hydroxide solution. iv)Lead chloride from lead carbonate(using two equations) t4j ElFill in the blanks using appropriate word(s). i)All-------a re not ores. ii)Earthly impurities that are present in the metal ore is known as---------. iii)--------is the process in which the oxide of the ore is reduced to the corresponding metal. iv)The process of crushing or grinding the ores into fine powder is known as-------. v)Froth floatation is mainly used for--------ores. tsI Fjwith respect to the Laboratory preparation of Nitric acid, explain the following tsl i)Temperature is kept below 2000C. /Ti)Reactants are mixed together in ratiol:1' iii)The apparatus is all made up of glass, ivlNitric acid prepared is slightly yellowish-brown in colour' v)Diiute Sulphuric acid is not used.

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