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ICSE Class X Prelims 2021 : English-2 (St. Helenas School and Junior College, Pune)

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Lakshmi S
St. Claret School, Debpukur, Sewli - Telinipara, Kolkata
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ST. HELENA'S SCHOOL PUNE-1 Preliminary Examination LITERATURE IN ENGLISH Marks: & STO X Duration : 2 hrs. Date 01/02/2021 ATtempt FIVE QUESTIONS all in Attempt at least one A, question from each of the sections 6 nd and not more than two other questions from the same books you have already chosen edd the extracts given below and answer brietly SECTIONA Q1 Morocco What if I stray'd no further, but chose ? here Lers see once more this saying grav'd in gold: What are the views of Morocco and Aragon concerning the choosing of the caskets State the example Morocco uses to prove his point 4 What was the inscription on the golden casket ? In r which ways does Morocco feel he deserves Portia 4) (4) What obstacles do the suitors overcome to view Portia ? speaker say 'all the world desires her ? Explain the comparison he u s e s in why does the this context. In one word describe how Morocco feels after he makes his choice? Q. Portia: (4) Away t h e n ! lam locked in one o f them : y o u do love me, you will find me out...Let music Sound while he doth make his choice What does Portia mean by 'Away then'? Is she happy in saying this ? (4) How do we know ? i) What are Nerissa and the others asked to do ? Why should the music play? How has this been interpreted by other scholars ? What is the belief about Swans? i) How would music V How is Bassaniocompared a3. seem 4 (4) if Bassaniowins ? (4) to Alcides Portia Tis mightiest in the mightiest: It becomes The Throned Monarch better than his Crown. What is Portia talking about ? What is the purpose of this dialogue ? ii) v) What comparison is used in the opening of this speech (4) How is it twice blessed ? What is a 'Sceptre' and what is above it ? (4) What else does she say about mercy ? What is the listener's immediate response ? (4) By what terms does Shylock address Portia when she says that nothing can stop Shylock (4) from extracting the pound of flesh ? SECTIONB lived in Blenheim then, yon little stream hard by My father Whose father lived in Blenheim ? What does the word 'then' mean ? a,4 How was the : great victory a personal tragedy for him ? 4)

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