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CBSE XII Pre Boards 2015 : BUSINESS STUDIES with Answers (KV Kolkata)

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Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 Salt Lake
Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) No. 1, Salt Lake
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KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA SANGATHAN-KOLKATA REGION 3rd PRE-BOARD EXAMINATION: 2014-15 SUB: BUSINESS STUDIES TIME ALLOWED: 3 HOURS M.M :80 General Instructions:1. Answer to questions carrying 1 mark may be from one word toone sentence. 2. Answer to questions carrying 3 marks may be from 50 to 75 words. 3. Answer to questions carrying 4-5 marks may be about 150 words. 4. Answer to questions carrying 6 marks may be about 200 words. 5. Attempt all parts of a question together. 1. What is Performance Appraisal? 2. A good leader does not wait for opportunities but create them Which quality of a leader 1 highlighted here? 1 3. Give two examples of Non-financial incentives. 1 4. What do you mean by KRA 1 5. What is controlling by exception? 1 6. What is the objective of listing of securities? 1 7. What is Demat Account? 1 8. Who can file a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act 1986? 1 9. An organisation follows the principles of management. What are the positive effects of each of the following principles of management on the organisation? a. Unity of command, b. Order, and c. Stability of tenure of personnel (1x3=3) 10. Explain in brief any three principles of scientific management. 3 11. Explain briefly the first three steps in the process of planning. 3 12. Compare between Functional Structure Vs Divisional Structure on the following basisi. Formation ii. Specialization iii. Responsibility 3 13. Discuss the regulatory functions of SEBI. 3 14. The Employees of Shah Ltd. , a software company, have formed a dramatic group for their recreation. Name the type of organisation so formed and state its three features. 4 15. Though planning is an important tool of management yet it is not a remedy for all types of problems Do you agree with the statement Give any four reasons in support of your answers. 4 16. Discuss the process of Controlling. 4

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Additional Info : KV Sangathan, Kolkata Region BUSINESS STUDIES Pre-Board Examination 2014-15 with Marking Scheme of Class XII PB-III BUSINESS STUDIES Question Paper
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