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CBSE XII Pre Boards 2015 : ENGLISH CORE (KV Kolkata)

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Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 Salt Lake
Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) No. 1, Salt Lake
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KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA SANGATHAN (KOLKATA REGION) 3rd PRE- BOARD EXAMINATION CLASS XII SUBJECT- ENGLISH CORE TIME ALLOWED- 3 HRS MM-100 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS:1. The question paper is divided into three sections- Reading, Writing and Literature. 2. All the questions are compulsory. Choice, if any, is mentioned with question(s) concerned. 3. Follow the word limit. Marks will be deducted for over writing. 4. Marks allotted for each question is mentioned at the end of the question. SECTION A (READING)- 30 MARKS Q.1. Read the passage given below carefully and answer the questions given under it.(12marks) It is reported that the government is close to finalizing a system of dual pricing for the public procurement of food grains. There would be two basic elements to this system: A fixed Minimum Support Price (MSP) covering the cost of cultivation, as at present, recommended by the Commission on Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP), and variable procurement prices, at the discretion of the department of food, depending on market. According to a working group of the Planning Commission, over the five year period ending 200102 when there was a steep rise in procurement price resulting in accumulation of embarrassing large stock of food grains of over 60 million tonnes with the government, consumption of food grains in the country was reduced, on this account, by at least five million tonnes per annum. The new system by assigning a greater role for private trade can improve the efficiency in the distribution of food grains and substantially cut down subsidies, which can help to step up much needed public investment in agriculture. The proposed dual pricing system is a better alternative than total marketisation of food grain trade by disbanding altogether public procurement at MSP. Such a dismantling could lead to a crash in market prices of food grains in years of food harvest. Even though this may make exports competitive and raise domestic consumption of food grains in the short run, it may undermine food security by sapping producer incentives. The experience of green revolution underlines the importance of assured MSP including the farmers to step up their own investment and effort and derive full benefit from available infrastructure. For the dual pricing system to yield desired results, it needs to be backed by several other policy measures. Since the impetus for crop diversification would be greater in the infrastructurally developed regions like the north-west , this can slow down the growth of food grains output in the country and, in particular, the surpluses procured, unless immediate measures are taken to strengthen public support for irrigation, technology, extension and credit in the rest of the company, especially in the central and eastern regions

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Additional Info : KV Sangathan, Kolkata Region ENGLISH CORE Pre-Board Examination 2014-15 with Marking Scheme of Class XII PB-III ENGLISH CORE Question Paper
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