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ICSE Class X Prelims 2021 : Biology (Carmel School, Dhanbad)

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Kiran Tiwari
Carmel School, Dhanbad
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CARMEL SCHOOL DHANBAD FIRST TERMINAL EXAMINATION- 2020 STD-X SUBJECT- BIOLOGY F.M-80 Time-2 hrs NAME: ___________________ CLASS: __________ SEC: __________ ROLL NO. ____________ NOTE: 1. Send your Answer Sheet on this number only 7209851449 2. Don t send multiple pdf. files. (Only 1 pdf allowed for 1 student) 3. Don t send text messages and photos. 4. Write correct question no. and answer your exams. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Section I (40 marks) (Answer all the questions) [Read the instructions carefully] Question 1. a) Name the following: (Do not copy the questions) i) Pressure of the cell content on cell wall. ii) The organism on which Mendel had worked. iii) The structure through which guttation takes place. iv) The kind of cell division which occur in pollen grains. v) The fluid that transports fatty acid and glycerol. [5] b) The following statements are wrong. Rewrite the correct statement by changing the word/words written in bold letters. [5] i) New RBCs are produced in heart. ii) Voltmeter is the instrument used for measuring the rate of transpiration in green plants. iii) The escape of plant-sap from the cut surface is called guttation. iv) Moist cobalt chloride paper is blue in colour. v) Renal vein contains more urea than renal artery. c) Complete the following pairs to represent the relationship between the structure and special functional activity. (Copy the questions) [5] i) Guard cells and _____________ ii) Chromosomes and ______________ iii) Root hair and ______________ iv) Glomerulus and _____________ v) Lenticels and ________________ d) Complete the following: (Do not copy the question) i) ii) iii) iv) v) [5] The U shaped part of nephron is __________ Replication of DNA occurs in the __________ of interphase. The root hair is the extension of ____________. The region of the attachment of chromosomes to spindle fibre is ________. A character that is not suppressed is ____________.

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