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ICSE Prelims 2017 : Physics (The Bishop's Co - Ed School, Undri, Pune)

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Kartik Patil
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THE BTSIIOP'S EBUCATION SOC'ETY' PUNE PHVSTC$ - RIVISION PJIPER cfA55 X I ttdn cr lre pape Drovdod Eeparat v You !v not b! aiio4.d to \t|ie.iJriq trre f Ft i5 m'nui.s rirr. t n., s lt b0 sr.nt r rcln rs r[t qu.]ston p/per rre t m q vei al the h ad oftrr 5 papor f the t nrc a .*.d fot wrli nq dre.rswe:r Arsre..lo lh s pap.r nrurl bc vJr s*tion I jt canu lsary At!.n1pt aty f.ur ql.tttrnsfton Se.tton rI The irteDded nra*s t.t .t p"rtt Df questo.s a.. qtve. in t l a. Asprin! s kept compressed by a sma tfol y of mass 0.5tS surface as shown rn the fgure b low: ynqonasmoothhorzonta ata sD ed of2ms_r Whattorm ofenergy does th comprcascd sprng possessT ) wrrat 6 th maqnrtude ofthis energy possessed by the compr ssed sprn9? ' pendu um 5 suspended rrom a point o and oscilates about A po nt does trre bob hav max mum pot ntialen rqy and naximum kinetc nerqyT ) (i' ,C I c. How s th work done by a force measur d when th force i) Is the dtrectiof ofdisplacement. 'n an ansle b the dnedion ofthe d splacemont. iD rs d d. Iniiarcd tht is used to take photographs ofth earth from sate tes. whyT e Ident fy the opt cal nstrumentkept n the box qiven be ow Copy and complete the ray a. b State the pr nc pl ormoments. crdr | .n. q) -.d 9.\ r c'ollo^ o ^h,e D Burn nq ora cand 'n. F: c. i) d . what are w nd kmsT what must b the appropriate sp-"ed ofw nd, ta tum tria brades ofa w nd turb ne7 'il ray of light s pass d rrom. transparont medium (A)to a tran5prert mediun {B).It A n a.h cas the r lanonship between the faiiactve ndex ( >, < or =) drboth m dra an obrecr is Daced in front ofa convex Lans, such that th sizc as that orthe obie.t. Draw a d aqram to ill!snate trr s. State (10) a. (i) lfthe amp tude ora wave ls tripled, what w I be the erfect on ts loudness? (i) sele.t the quantites which are subjectv n nature and objectiva n nature Frequency, lnte.5 ty, P i.h 7 I Loudnessi

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