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ICSE Practice Paper 2017 : Chemistry (The Bishops School, Camp, Pune)

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Viraj Talim
The Bishop's School, Camp, Pune
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THE BISTIOP'S EDUCATIOI! SOCIETY, PUNE CHEMISfRY - REVTSION PAPER CLASS X I Answ rs to tl\. papef must be wrtten on the pap r prov ded sepa.ateLv You not b allow d to write dlr^q the nrst 15 mi'rutes. Thi5 t me is to b sDent in rcad ng the qu stan paper The rime aiven at the h ad ofth s paper isfte t me. owed t'or wrt|ns the w aGffi AttenPt any fa!. qu6tiox. ttuh s*tton $ se.tioh I is .onpulsory fhe intended ha*s ft lEstions a. pads or ttL.saans are ?iven th t J sEcrror{-r (4o MARKS) (att mpr aLL ouEsrroNs frcm thi3se.tion) beowr A) Choose the most appropriate answer olthe choices qrven Ilre catesory of compounds wh ch liberate ammonia on reacton with waterl ) ii) d) None ot the above. Dilut HydBchlorcacid reads with sodium sulphid to {1O) befatewrichgas: b) sulphurdiorde c) ii) Hydfogen surpriide The proc ss used to.onvert impure arum a) E ectro ytic refininq ia to pure a um'na 's: c) Baeyers process. d) Roasting fo lowed by Calcination. Which ofthe fo owinq comb nation is true for catryrng out le.trcplatrng ofan objed. a) Dnect and larqe c!rent, b) Alternatins and 5mallcu(ent, c) Artemaths and rarge curent. d) Direct and smerr curcnt. riass or7lines ofCOrat STP is: (C=12, O=16) v) v) vD which ortrre rollowns is used a) ammonium hydroxde as. roamins asent in ext nsuish 6: b) Ma9n sium hydro!de Aruminrum hydrorid d) Potassium frydroxide. A ntrate whch evoves laughrng gas on decompositon c) v ) a) ammoniun iitrate b) carcum n trate c) vir) : . sodium nitrate. d) F ric ntrat . rfeaths sod um acetate wrth sodarme prcduces: x) A non metal present n sta nless- steel r) Iyp of sa : t tormed when excess of cust c soda r acts w th concennated sulphur. acid. A) Stat on chemicaltest to dist nguish between each ofthe fo owrnq pa sod um carbon.te and sod !m surphite. Fetrols sulphate and l ad nitrate. Ethyne and Ethane. anqan se dioxide and cdpper orde. D ii) ii) iv) (,) rs: 14)

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