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ICSE Prelims 2018 : Economics (The Bishops School, Camp, Pune)

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Rasesh Ramadesikan
The Bishop's School, Camp, Pune
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TITE BISHOP'S SCHOOL, PUNE SECOND PRELIMINARY EXAI'III{ATION 2017-14 ECO!{OMICS TIME: 2 HOURS MARKS: aO TOTAL DATE:17.11.2017 n.,.*.. to tt1o p"p"t must be rvlitten on th paper provided separatel, You will not be allowed to wrlie during th flrst 15 mnutes This time is to be spent in rea.ding the Question pap r' The tirne qiven at the head of this paper is the time alowed for wnti 6ectl"" AIs c"^puls"rv-\ttempt dny.JfoLl questions from sectlon I The rnlFnded mdrks for queslrons or pdrt;l quesrions STD: X A section - A (4oEarksl (Al'temPt dll questlons from thls SectlonJ ouEsTroltl a. Define division of labour. b. Whal do you mean by the barter system? c. What- is meant by RTI? d. Indir'ect ta(es are regressive in natur'e Explain e. I{ov/ will the insecurity of tenancy rights sill affect iand production? l2l t2l (2) l2l t2l ouEsl,'toN 2 tus owned by the schooi, circulating capital or lr-xed capital? support your answer l2l ',vith relevan! reasons. b'Thebankshavedecidedtoreducethe}endingrates'whatwouldbeitslmpactoncapltal l2l lbrmatronr l2l c. !lo\,v does entrepreneurship differ from labour? l2l curve? d.. What do you m;an by an i;dividual demand or a in demancl a change indicate pric Does it u"t"*,noaity i; demanded at the same a. r..,'t}re. schoor ". change in quantity l2l demanded? QLE!!IqN-9 i-w#dr y." -.^n by zero inflation rate? b Wha.t is a parallel economy? c. C. c. l2l l2l What do you mean by drscountlng bjlts of exchange? What is bank rate ? Ho\i'cloes rt rnfluence the tota:l money supply? State otle favourable impact of inflation on farmers and on the government OUESTIOII 4 a. Oi"tittg"i"tt between limited legal tender a.nd unlimited legal tender b. Pubj]c;xpenditure increase the level of emptovment in the countrv' c. d. t2l Do you agree or dlsagee. l2l t2l Support your ansNer Draw a perfectly inelastic supplv cune W nar rs a normdl guod: Ilos i\,iil the clima-te of India influence the efficiencv of workers? (Afte pt l2l l2l l2l (21 t2l SECTIONB-(4Omarks) four quesliortstom this section'/ anA '!qEilro!-q i. F"t "t" tl-t. f".tors limiting th division of labour in a countrv? b. Suggest some measures to increase the caprtal formation in a country gvEstl0!_6 lliprai" "'t n"ion in demand and contraction b. Erplain the canons of ta-xation. (5) like India in demand (s) (sl tsl auEDllslrl a- St"t. tt'" p"tp"se of pr.rblic debt in the cont xt lndia b. What is mean'. by co;t-push inflation? write down its three determinants (s) {sl QIYESTION 8 (s) i..- l"pfo-" ""y r*" -ays in {'hich consumers tJ. What are flrnctions of an entreprenerjr? @slr!s{_g a. 't'he efiiciency t. of workers in Indra 1s are exploited in Incha (sl low r than that in the economicatly advanced countries wh\'1the determinants of productjvity of land? Pl What are ouEsTroN lo. a. \,! hdr a' " th, ad\ anlaaes of a bank a( coLrnr) l. n*ptain the quantitati?e credit control measures (sl of the central bank? (sl


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