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ICSE Prelims 2018 : Geography (The Bishops School, Camp, Pune)

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Rasesh Ramadesikan
The Bishop's School, Camp, Pune
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THE BrsHoP's scHooL' cAMP-PUNE sEcoND PR;iil"TiNARY EXAMINATION (2017.18) GEOGRAPHY CLASS: X DATEr 28.11'20 17 TIME: 2 HOURS IoTAL MARKS: 80 .i':'"ffiilii;;il" ;;;iil rirsi is'il:F-":.Ilf ffo*.,@l*o-ii-TL"lslJ; tff 'ffi i":", ". itre. itre.1'.1'-'-' j'* this paper ^'lTi gJ111Lthe head or is ine iime allowed for writiD!9-!!9:?!9]!!Ia :;H'i;';:il;;'il:;il;il;'p"f A total of five questions Att.empt seven questions in all. Part I is compulsory' are to be attemPted from Part II' Part -I (ComPulsory) (30) oUESTIDNI:StudvtheextractofthesurveyMaDsheetno45D/1oandans\ryellhc following ouestions: the (a) Name and gave the four_figure grid reference of a settlement where (2) people of the region meet at least once a year' (2) mean? (b) wh;t does the c;nventional symbots at grid reference 1515 (.j tf u .un tere to walk from Gulabganj (1820) to Harmatiya (1916) (i) In which direction would he be walking? (2) roads that he would be using? of kinds different two are ttre wtricfr 1il; (d) V,/hat do the follo\,ling numbers in grid sq 1718 and 1818 mean? (2) (i) 280 (ii) 281 1914 and those in 1813? (2) (e) What are the two differences between the settlements Bamba in (2) (f) Name four facilities that Anadra nas which makes it an important settlement' (1) for the people of Dabani (1313)? ( g) Whlcn is tnu qui.kest means of communication (h) What do the following m an: (i) Brackish in 1915 (ai) Causeway in 1715 (3) (iii) 6r in 1218 ? (i) Mention two factors which support the following: (i) The Sipu river is in its middle cou6e (2) is seasonal' iii f-ne raintatt in the region shown in the map extract (j) what is the distanc'e in kms. between the distance stone 20 in 1818 (2) an,l the causeway in 1715 along the metalled road? provided: Q!!.E$iIIp!!-2i On the outline rnap of lndia (a) Drcw, name and number the Tropic of Cancer (b) Label the P', Narmada (c ) Shade and name Canara coast (d) Mark and name Mt. KancheniLlnga (e) lvlark and name the Nathu La Pass (f) shad..: and name a densely populated state in S lndia (9) lYark with a dot and name Hyderabad Coast (h) Mark and name the winds wnlch bring rain in winter to the Coromandel (i) Mark and name the Jharia coalfield ii; sf,aoe ana lab'el an area in w. India with red soil Part - II (AnY five) ( 10) (5O) OUESTION gri (i) (i) tturn" the type of climate prevailing over lndia' (ii) Mention any two factors responsible for it' (b) What is the direction of the summer monsoon wind? Why? (c) Give 9(iographical reasons for the following: (i) Ev en in summer Shimla is cooler than Delhi' (ii) The northern plains of India do not freeze in wlnrer' (iii) Kochi has a lesser annual range of temperature than Agra (2) (2) (3)

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