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ICSE Prelims 2018 : Mathematics (The Bishops School, Camp, Pune)

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Rasesh Ramadesikan
The Bishop's School, Camp, Pune
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\ THE BISHOP'S SCHOOL. CAMP . PUNE EXAMINATION (2017.2018) - SECOND PRELIMINARY MAT}IEMATICS CLASS: 10 'READING TIirE: TOTAL MARKS - AO WRITING TIME! 2 r/2 HOURS l5 MINs Dlfet 4.L2.2o17 Anst^rer to this paper must be wfitten on the paper Provided seParatalY. You witt not be attowed to wfite during the first tS minutes. This time is to be spent in reading the question paper. The time given at the head of the paper is the time a otted for wrlting the answers. SECTION A (Sotve all questions in this section) ouefition (3+3+4) 1 A) Find the value of a. if the division of ax3 + gx'z + 4x 10 by (x+3) leaves - a remainder 5. B) lYanoj opened a recurring deposit account in a bank and deposited Rs 500 per month for 3 years. The bank paid him Rs 20220 on maturity. Find the rate of Interest pa'd by the bank. C) The price of a T,V set Inclusive of sales tax of 9olo is Rs 13407. Flnd its marked price' If the sales tax is increased to 13olo, how much more does the customer pay for the (3+3+4) a!e t&!_z ,A) Solve the following inequation and represent the solution set on the number line' ---a < 333 1+:5: xeR lf the sum of first 7 terms of an A P ls 49 and that of flrst B) 17 terms is 289, find the sum of first n terms, c) ln the given figure PQ is a tangent to the circle at A. AB and AD are bisectors oZCAQ and IPAC. If tBAQ = 30e, Prove that BD is diameter of the circle i) Find the measure ofr-ii) ZDCA iii) ZABC a (3+3+4) Ouest.ion 3 cotA cotA-a lr)Provethat_-.--=---..--..' z.sec"A 1+tanA B) Solve th.r following quadratic equation for x and give your answer correct to three slgnincail c) 2x2-4x-3=O -14x - 3 = l) fiqlres:- -.31 and - l? bJa.d t! ;J E Let o=. r-"r a.. -2x2 )-sl p-l-8^ uY ouestion 4 rjr . rina tn" matrix P if pQ=R. (3+3+4) A) All the three face cards of spades are removed frcm a well shuffled pack of 52 cards. A card is then drawn at random from the remaining pack Find the probability of gettlng : i) A black face card ii) A queen

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