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ICSE Prelims 2018 : Chemistry (The Bishops School, Camp, Pune)

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Rasesh Ramadesikan
The Bishop's School, Camp, Pune
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THE BISHOP,S SCHOOL, CAMP- PUNE SECOND PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION [2017-18I CHEMISTRY TIME: 2 HRS CLASS: X DATEr Ol.12.2017 TOTAL MARKSI AO SECTION A (Attempt all questjons from this section) quEgu.grllj ( 1O) qrven below: A, B, C and D in each case choices the from answers Perrodlc correct the the period of A) Select order of electron affiniti in a increasing correct in l.iins"o The elements i) Table are A. Nitrogen , carbon , boron B, Boron, EerYllium, lithium C. carbon, oxyqen, fluorlne D. OxYgen, nit'.ogen, carbon covalent bond is oi.cianic .-ompound having a triple carbon-carbon The ir) A. Crha B. C.lHo C r-:Hr D. CrHLo thermal decompositiofl is: Tne mei.allic comPouno reduced to metal by iji) A. Irolr(llI) oxlde B. CoPPer oxide C. Magnesium oxrde D. Silver oxlde solLltLon ls The solt which on hydrolysrs forms a neutral iv) A. Arnmonlum chloride B. S rdium chloride C. llagnesium chloride D, PotassiLlm carbonate hydroxide i5 v) The hydroxide which is soluble In ercegs oF ammonlum A.. Zn (OH), '8. Fe(OH ), c. Pb(oH)r D lYg (oH)'? formula will be vi) If the rnolecular formllla oT a su bstance is cHo'z its empirical A CrHzOa B. CzH:Oz c. cHo? D. CzHO vii) ihe metals at the top of the actlvrtY series afe /\. most easilY reduceo B. give up valence electrons least readilY C. least electroPosltlve caLlsrrc D. most easilY oxidised of boiling chloroethane with alcoholic reaction the of lhe of name Product viii) The IUPAC Potash isl A. Ethanol B. Ethylene C. Ethene ethvl alcohol' makes it spurious ?nE llJ"""'. *rnpound lvhich when mixed'"vith '"1 A. Methanol B. Methanoic acid C. 14ethanal x) _The D l'thanoic acid ofl ethene and bromine is an example formation of 1,2 dibromoetrtane from A. Sufjstitution B. D ihYdration c. DehYdrohalogenation D. /\dditron (3) OUESTIC'N 2: the following comPound9: A) Name the anion /callon in each of a gas which on bubbling through with conc sulpnurrc acid liberates i)' Compound 'X'on heating .^lL!hlp i11 lio u of ammonla .ir.ei ntt rate solut on gives a \ rhrte Drecip'taLe whrch rurns r'n'e wate"iirkv ias sulpl^urlc o'rLrle u' wlLh o'r heatrtg ;rr "' lompound on potassiurr permanganate solution, iri ri* ;:',;"i;;;;i:;; "" "t"ct

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