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ICSE Prelims 2016 : Biology (Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana)

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Jai Partap Singh
Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana
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,/ i Time: 2 hrs. SAT PAUL MITTALSCHOOL CLASS r0 / PRE-BOARD r (201s_r6) (Science Paper 3) BIOLOGY M.M:80 No. of printed pages: 5 Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately. Youwill not be allowed ta write of this Paper is the time allowedfor writing ' tie answers, ) * 1:t:!:yt::!ffin A and anyfour questions from Section B. The intended maitrs 7or ;.{1,fle$ions or parts\questions are giuen in broctrcts Attempt IJ. .ff-ffiL ''r hF;-{::q-a' :.-,.::.jt*l*':1;-.1 ..r*d*;*+-,$ :-,".. . '"'-STCTION i." - =O"*6Onq a) Name oTTola/l 7 / thCrfollowing:[5] fi40 Marks) questionirrom this Section . ,t'' 1. The fluid present in the anterior part of tiie eye in,#ont of the eye lens. 2' The process that leads to the division of the cytoplasm followingthe division of the nucleus. 3. The process by which raisins swell up when petridisf, fui of *at"r. irrco;in a 4. The site of light reaction in the ctrtoroptast. ' 5' The modified leaves of a desert plant which help in,minimizing the loss of water from plant. the b) State whetlqer the following statements are tnre or false. If false, write the correct statement by changing only one I5l 1. Meiosis helps in the replacement of old, worn out or dead cells. 2'T\e phenomenon that gives rigidity to thin walled tissues like parenchyma in young leaves is plasmolysis. 3. Maximum umoult oftranspirati-on takes place through lenticels. word. t ",*,.*,ffi#ffi,S;'#;$ffiSfs,i-rys:'Sls ,.: ____ tfrn.H:"ft in columnA with the most appropriateon3s in column B. Rewrite the matching pairs. [51 Column A Column B 1. Clotting of blood A. tetanus 2. BCG vaccine B. SA node 3. Cristae C. Auricle 4. Pacemaker D. Calcium 5. Corpus luteum E. Mitochondrion ") F. Progesterone G. Tuberculosis word/words to complete the 'ry,' 5. Light reaction: photochemical phase: : tight-independenG;ction: x ,-/' lt ,r e) Given below is a set of five terms. Arrange the terms in each set in a proper sequence. I. Fertilisation, owlation, parturition, gestation, implantation. 2. water molecules, oxygen, granq hydrogen and tiydroxyl ions, photons. 3. Spongy cells, upper epidermis, stoma, palisade tissue, substomatal space. 4. Intestine, liver, intestinal artery, hepatic vein, hepatic portal vein. 5. Endodermis, cortex, soil water, xylem, root hair.- I I tsl

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