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ISC 12th − Q & A

ISC 12th
Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC), New Delhi
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Is scientific calculator allowed ???
asked by Satwinder Singh (satwindersingh) 1 year ago
If it is asked to write Kolbes reaction? Which one do we write? ( kolbes electrolysis or kolbes schmidt)
asked by Vinayarunkumar Kp (vinayarunkumar) 1 year ago

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How do you convert glucose to osazone?
asked by Shreya (shreya1300) 1 year ago
can someone give me motivation for chemistry lol i think im gonna fail
asked by Anik Das (rockstardas) 1 year ago

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application of inert pair effect
asked by Sangeeth Sahana (sangeethsahana) 1 year ago

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Should we write the entire reactions in organic, or just the major product?
asked by Sohan_SR (sohansr) 1 year ago

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should we study common names of componds. like glycerol or will it be given as propane-1,2,3-triol
asked by Roshan Geo Roy (yoboyyy) 1 year ago

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I uploaded a chemistry paper and there's no way i put. A password on it.. Then why is res asking for one... Any idea -_-?!
asked by Gauri Sahu (gauri_21) 1 year ago

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Why can't we not see papers in respaper now?
asked by Priya Anshik (priya2906) 1 year ago

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is libermann's nitroso reac there in the syllabus?
asked by Mohammed Malik Sharaf (mmks1234) 1 year ago

+ 8 more questions by mmks1234  

Guys ellingham diagram's graph is important? I mean do I have to learn it or just the applications?
asked by Gour Garima (garima3) 1 year ago

+ 2 more questions by garima3  

in metallurgy, which ore can come for extraction, i mean the three mark question?
asked by Mercenary 970 (legend_student) 1 year ago

+ 5 more questions by legend_student  

Variation of electrolytic concentration with temperature , is based on : which law ???
Henry's law ?
asked by Richeek Das (hamba) 1 year ago

+ 3 more questions by hamba  

Can any one share notes for inorganic chemistry especially metallurgy
asked by Surya Kumar (surya30) 1 year ago
Hey friends, any hindi wala here, pls tell me that shall we leave poem and story of 2016 &2017 question paper or it is the big risk..
asked by Manoj Sharma (sharmamanoj860) 1 year ago

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Does anyone have some sort of Sample Papers for Chemistry ?
asked by Naman Thakur (namanthakur) 1 year ago

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Who has not taken science or commerce?
asked by Be Patient (bekindtoyourself) 1 year ago

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Am I the only one whose prescribed texts consist of Candida?
asked by Indrani Adhikari (indraniadhikari12345) 1 year ago
B. Wordsworth: 

Was the story of the poet, poetess and their child; and the 'greatest poem in the world' actually a lie? What do you all think?
asked by Sdfg Sdfg (sdfg) 1 year ago

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does the poet in 'darkling thrush' get hope on hearing the thrush's song or is just lifted to a state of puzzlement and is still hopeless?
asked by Rishab Batra (rishab710) 1 year ago
Should I leave the sound machine
asked by Respaper Respaper (respapere) 1 year ago
Where can i find answer of isc 2019 english language examination that held on 21th of feb,2019?
asked by Manju Patel (nandini700) 1 year ago
Q: You never know where you are with friends like those, do you?
A: One.....
asked by Rohit Shabu (rohitshabu) 1 year ago
Can anyone suggest me anything for isc language exam.
asked by Rahul Singh (18rahul07) 1 year ago
Please can anyone send the format for report writing
asked by Kai (sayantankarmakar) 1 year ago

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Can someone please tell the format of report writing for isc 2019?
asked by Raj Ghosh (rajamik) 1 year ago
Predicted questions 12 th isc eco
asked by Sannjna Sharma (sannjna) 1 year ago
Wth? I can't access any question. From when did respaper become a paid site? Is there any way I can access the papers without buying prime?
asked by Abhishek Sarkar (therockstar) 1 year ago
Please do answer this. I need a collective response, not of a single person :-
1. Mathematics - S. Chand or ML Aggarwal?
2. Chemistry - KL Chugh or Nootan?
3. Computer Science - Sumita Arora or APC?
asked by Tushar Parashar (old_monk) 1 year ago

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What's the titre value of today's chemistry practical
asked by Hritam Majumdar (hritam) 1 year ago
What did you guys get as your answers for today's phy practical paper????
asked by Abbas Parpia (abbasparpia) 1 year ago

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