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ISC 12th − Q & A

ISC 12th
Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC), New Delhi
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Why can't we not see papers in respaper now?
asked by Priya Anshik (priya2906) 356 days ago

+ 2 more questions by priya2906  

Greater the Standard reduction potential greater is the ability to displace hydrogeN from acids. Is it correct?
asked by Vinayarunkumar Kp (vinayarunkumar) 356 days ago

+ 11 more questions by vinayarunkumar  

is libermann's nitroso reac there in the syllabus?
asked by Mohammed Malik Sharaf (mmks1234) 356 days ago

+ 8 more questions by mmks1234  

IS preperation of polymers needed?
asked by Roshan Geo Roy (yoboyyy) 356 days ago

+ 6 more questions by yoboyyy  

Guys ellingham diagram's graph is important? I mean do I have to learn it or just the applications?
asked by Gour Garima (garima3) 357 days ago

+ 2 more questions by garima3  

Imp chapters for Hindi(not guaranteed):
Gadya sankalan- Out sider, Kya nirash hua jaye, putra prem, dasi.
Kabya manjari- Badal ko ghirte dekha hai, Andhere ka dipak, Jag tujhko dur jaana, Nadi ke dweep.
Sara aakash- Character of Babuji, Sirish bhai, Diwakar, Munni
asked by Sohan_SR (sohansr) 357 days ago

+ 1 more questions by sohansr  

in metallurgy, which ore can come for extraction, i mean the three mark question?
asked by Mercenary 970 (legend_student) 357 days ago

+ 5 more questions by legend_student  

Variation of electrolytic concentration with temperature , is based on : which law ???
Henry's law ?
asked by Richeek Das (hamba) 357 days ago

+ 3 more questions by hamba  

Can any one share notes for inorganic chemistry especially metallurgy
asked by Surya Kumar (surya30) 357 days ago
Hey friends, any hindi wala here, pls tell me that shall we leave poem and story of 2016 &2017 question paper or it is the big risk..
asked by Manoj Sharma (sharmamanoj860) 358 days ago

+ 4 more questions by sharmamanoj860  

Does anyone have some sort of Sample Papers for Chemistry ?
asked by Naman Thakur (namanthakur) 358 days ago

+ 4 more questions by namanthakur  

Who has not taken science or commerce?
asked by Be Patient (bekindtoyourself) 358 days ago

+ 4 more questions by bekindtoyourself  

Am I the only one whose prescribed texts consist of Candida?
asked by Indrani Adhikari (indraniadhikari12345) 359 days ago

+ 2 more questions by indraniadhikari12345  

B. Wordsworth: 

Was the story of the poet, poetess and their child; and the 'greatest poem in the world' actually a lie? What do you all think?
asked by Sdfg Sdfg (sdfg) 359 days ago

+ 2 more questions by sdfg  

does the poet in 'darkling thrush' get hope on hearing the thrush's song or is just lifted to a state of puzzlement and is still hopeless?
asked by Rishab Batra (rishab710) 359 days ago
asked by Anik Das (rockstardas) 359 days ago

+ 8 more questions by rockstardas  

Should I leave the sound machine
asked by Respaper Respaper (respapere) 361 days ago
Where can i find answer of isc 2019 english language examination that held on 21th of feb,2019?
asked by Manju Patel (nandini700) 361 days ago
Q: You never know where you are with friends like those, do you?
A: One.....
asked by Rohit Shabu (rohitshabu) 362 days ago
Can anyone suggest me anything for isc language exam.
asked by Rahul Singh (18rahul07) 362 days ago
Can anyone provide answers for these: 
1.The two friends were reconciled____each other
2. She called upon heaven to witness her resolve not to cheat again (indirect speech)
3. He did not know why his conputer was not working(it was...) 
4. There is reason to believe that the accused is the culprit(it is...) 
5. Antony worked___the feelings of the Roman mob by his speech
6. He could do___two slices of bread and a cup of tes
asked by Gauri Sahu (gauri_21) 363 days ago
Please can anyone send the format for report writing
asked by Kai (sayantankarmakar) 363 days ago

+ 2 more questions by sayantankarmakar  

Can someone please tell the format of report writing for isc 2019?
asked by Raj Ghosh (rajamik) 1 year ago
Predicted questions 12 th isc eco
asked by Sannjna Sharma (sannjna) 1 year ago
Wth? I can't access any question. From when did respaper become a paid site? Is there any way I can access the papers without buying prime?
asked by Abhishek Sarkar (therockstar) 1 year ago
Please do answer this. I need a collective response, not of a single person :-
1. Mathematics - S. Chand or ML Aggarwal?
2. Chemistry - KL Chugh or Nootan?
3. Computer Science - Sumita Arora or APC?
asked by Tushar Parashar (old_monk) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by old_monk  

What's the titre value of today's chemistry practical
asked by Hritam Majumdar (hritam) 1 year ago
What did you guys get as your answers for today's phy practical paper????
asked by Abbas Parpia (abbasparpia) 1 year ago
There hardly are any papers for humanity subjects if anyone belongs to the stream please pass on sample papers for class 11
asked by Malika Dand (malikadand) 1 year ago
Guys, I was busy with JEE preparation for most of the time in the last two years. I hardly attended school. So is anyone here in the same situation? If yes, then how are you all managing English Literature and Language? ISC science is pretty easy (except the rote learning things agh) ...
asked by Mback (mback) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by mback  

Write the program to do the following:

Read in an integer n (which can be at most 50). Then read in n integers one by one and store them in an array data from index 0 to n-1. Now we want to rearrange the integers in data in the following way:

Find the maximum value in data and put it in the center of the array (that is at (n/2)), find the next largest value and put it to its right, then the next largest and place it to its left and so on alternating right and left until all integers in data are done.

For example, if the array is initially:

7,3,1,6,4,2,5 then after rearranging it becomes 1,3,5,7,6,4,2

However, since we have very little memory, you are not allowed to use any other array apart from data.
asked by Anugrahkapoor24 (anugrahkapoor24) 1 year ago
if consumers always spend 15 percent of their income on food find income elasticity of demand?
asked by Piyush Sharma (yoperry) 1 year ago
Tempest questions from isc board question papers class12
asked by Riya Gupta (riyag5316) 1 year ago
Fill in the blank with the suitable word:

1. He fell victim ______ upon his greed.
2. H never seems to be satisfied _____ what is done for him.
3. The excuse wont go __ well with the teacher.

(hey guys can yall just help me out w these prepositions, thanks!!)
asked by Aly P. (aallyy) 1 year ago

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