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ISC 12th − Q & A

ISC 12th
Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC), New Delhi
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Hi. New to this site. 
Any ISC - PCM students here?
asked by Mback (mback) 5 days ago
hey y r there so less isc papers its a request to all of u  to generously uppload ur schol prelim papers plzx
asked by Sharanya mistry (sharanyamistry) 9 days ago
Write the program to do the following:

Read in an integer n (which can be at most 50). Then read in n integers one by one and store them in an array data from index 0 to n-1. Now we want to rearrange the integers in data in the following way:

Find the maximum value in data and put it in the center of the array (that is at (n/2)), find the next largest value and put it to its right, then the next largest and place it to its left and so on alternating right and left until all integers in data are done.

For example, if the array is initially:

7,3,1,6,4,2,5 then after rearranging it becomes 1,3,5,7,6,4,2

However, since we have very little memory, you are not allowed to use any other array apart from data.
asked by Anugrahkapoor24 (anugrahkapoor24) 53 days ago

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if consumers always spend 15 percent of their income on food find income elasticity of demand?
asked by Piyush Sharma (yoperry) 78 days ago

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Can anyone upload their prelim papers of PCMB please?
asked by Indrani Adhikari (indraniadhikari12345) 125 days ago
Tempest questions from isc board question papers class12
asked by Riya Gupta (riyag5316) 159 days ago
Fill in the blank with the suitable word:

1. He fell victim ______ upon his greed.
2. H never seems to be satisfied _____ what is done for him.
3. The excuse wont go __ well with the teacher.

(hey guys can yall just help me out w these prepositions, thanks!!)
asked by Aly P. (aallyy) 161 days ago

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Application of De Morgans law in Boolean Algebra
asked by Roshan Geo Roy (yoboyyy) 165 days ago

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14th of May bhailogs and behenlogs
asked by Ritwik Roy (busydoingwhatsapp) 256 days ago
which is the best book for isc PCB+lit and lang????
pls reply I HAVE To buy the book within 2 days as my schooli is going to start!!!!!!!1
asked by Jaya (jayapoddar) 281 days ago
Why is the 'ISC' page on Res is not as good as 'ICSE' page on it?
asked by Muskan Aggarwal (musku) 289 days ago
What is the contribution of Ahmed khan of bangalore. 
(From the chapter Environmental issues )
asked by Anonymous (coolboys98657) 305 days ago
Can anyone please upload ISC Economics 2018 Board paper with answers? ;)
asked by Mayank Chitnis (mikechit99) 306 days ago

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how to use in fact while using despite
asked by Ashisj Smith (ashish_af) 318 days ago
Hey everyone! This question is for the people who took their ICSE exams in 2017 or before: Why do you think you lost your marks in English Literature? What do you think you could have done during your preparation so as to avoid this loss? What do you think you could have done during the exam itself? Any suggestions for the 2018 batch would be helpful! :)
asked by Atharva45 (arya9591) 326 days ago

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so boarders.... how many of u'll playin' holi this year!???
asked by Ankit patil (ankitp) 326 days ago
Important chapters for english literature..
asked by Mr. Mind (yesyesyes) 326 days ago
For the guys who find Sleepy Hollow boring, here are a few links to help you out:
All the best guys!!
asked by Vishnu Shankar (vish4u) 326 days ago

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How was the maths paper???
asked by chris1234 327 days ago

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Main chapters for English Lit? + MAAN?
asked by Arpan Nagar (arpan1) 328 days ago
Guys is infix to prefix included in the latest syllabus
asked by Pranesh Vishal (caesar123) 331 days ago
All the best guys👍
asked by Zihfa (zihfaaryan) 333 days ago

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Can anyone confirm if x-rays are cancelled from the syllabus?
asked by Dwaipayan Ray (dwaipayanray1) 335 days ago
Potential gradient 'k' remains constant until:
(a)current in potentiometer wire remains constant
(b)potential difference across the potentiometer wire remains constant
(c)emf of the testing cell remains constant
asked by Angel k saji (angelksaji) 335 days ago

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Guys for the rectifying entry on int on vapital sum we’ll be passing 3 entries or a single entry?
asked by Shubham Agarwal (shubham6) 335 days ago
find the vector equation of the plane passing through the points (3,4,2) and (7,0,6) and perpendicular to the plane 2x-5y-15=0
asked by Kavya Rojin (kav123) 344 days ago
hey guys what are the important concepts of 11th that are required in 12th for accounts please mention
asked by Prachi Singla (praci) 350 days ago

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Everyone.....pls do upload your pre-board papers
asked by Aleena Mavely (aleena000) 352 days ago
Can anyone please upload The Frank Anthony Public School, New Delhi prelim papers 2018?
asked by Nisha Agarwala (nisha_20) 355 days ago
Wow I must say, ICSE is more crowded than isc. Not many 10th graders seem to continue with respaper in isc.
asked by Chris Francies (totustuusegosum) 1 year ago
Can anyone provide me with the selections and pre boards chemistry paper(class 12) of The future foundation school, kolkata for the batch of 2017-2018 PLEASE.
asked by Shuchi Vadera (shuchi0511) 1 year ago
how many of u are aiming for iist ???
asked by Navami S (resee) 1 year ago

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does anybody have the full solution to isc 2018 chemistry specimen paper. please if you do cud u pls upload it. i am in real need of it pleaseee
asked by Nasni Mohammed (nasni46) 1 year ago
Can anybody please upload 2017 is elective english paper? And if possible prelim papers of the same
asked by Preeti Volvoikar (esha23) 1 year ago
How to start and complete my commerce syllabus for 2018
asked by Chandrakanta Agarwal (isctopper2018) 1 year ago
Major contaminant found in dna
asked by Syed Atif (syedatif715) 1 year ago
Is isc specimen paper for eco and accounts out?? .....I mean ...r they available on d site?
asked by Sugandh Gupta (sugandh26) 1 year ago
b. Fill in each blank with the most appropriate word. (Do not write the sentence): (5) 	                 
   1. The Principal agreed ------------ our proposal.
   2. The coach agreed ------------ his players.
   3. Do not waste my time, get ------------ the facts.
   4. I do not get ------------with them.
   5. My plans are quite different ------------his.
   6. Two children were drowned after the boat carrying them sank ------------the coast.
   7. He paused to allow his word to sink------------.
   8. I started ------------to write a short story in the morning.
   9. My mother started me ------------on the guitar when I was five.
  10. I differed ------------them on this point.
asked by Ankit Singh (darkfire_ankit) 1 year ago
Question: In aliphatic diazonium compounds, when an nucleophile is added, will it be an Sn1 or SN2 or will it depend on type of carbon that the diazo group is on? Will it always be SN1?
asked by Fourty Two (the_number_42) 1 year ago
can anyone here help me out in commercial studies ISC class 12
asked by Piyush Sharma (awsmpiyush) 1 year ago

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In Tempest, what role does the sea storm play in the development of the plot?
asked by Drishti Jain (allthebesttt) 1 year ago
What should be the 'acknowledgement' for my psychology project (ISC - XI) ?
asked by Jhinuk Bhattacharjee :) (myself1002) 1 year ago

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asked by Sayan Chakraborty (iwant90) 1 year ago
Anyone here from ICSE Q&A?
asked by Richeek Das (hamba) 1 year ago
Is that biology is tougher than computer in isc syllabus? If I'm aiming to crack IIT jee, which stream shall I select ?
asked by Sangeeth Sahana (sangeethsahana) 1 year ago
Is IS REALLY TOUGH???  I am the 10th grader so can anyone help???
asked by Murdered Past (fool) 1 year ago
Please upload the ISC 2017 elective english question paper.
asked by Ankitaa Biswas (dipsite) 1 year ago
What are the best books for PCM and bio for class XI and XII
asked by Prince Adwaya (adwaya) 1 year ago
is there any difference between cbse and isc syllabus
asked by Surya Kumar (surya30) 1 year ago
A reaction P -> Q is completed 25% in 25 min, 50% completed in 25 min if [P] is halved, 25% completed in 50 min if [P] is doubled. The order of the reaction is?
asked by Walter White (icseman) 1 year ago

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