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ISC Board Specimen 2016 : Computer Science Paper 2 (Practical)

4 pages, 3 questions, 1 questions with responses, 1 total responses
Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC), New Delhi
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COMPUTER SCIENCE Paper 2 (PRACTICAL) (Three hours) Maximum Marks: 30 (Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The total time to be spent on the Planning session and Examination session is Three hours. Planning session: 90 minutes Examination session: 90 minutes Note: Candidates are to be permitted to proceed to the Examination Session only after the 90 minutes of the Planning Session are over. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This paper consists of three problems from which candidates are required to attempt any one problem. Candidates are expected to do the following: 1. Write an algorithm for the selected problem. (Algorithm should be expressed clearly using any standard scheme such as pseudo code or in steps which are simple enough to be obviously computable) [3] 2. Write a program in JAVA language. The program should follow the algorithm and should be logically and syntactically correct. [5] 3. Document the program using mnemonic names / comments, identifying and clearly describing the choice of data types and meaning of variables. [2] 4. Code / Type the program on the computer and get a print out ( Hard Copy ). Typically, this should be a program that compiles and runs correctly. [2] 5. Test run the program on the computer using the given sample data and get a print out of the output in the format specified in the problem. [5] 6. Viva-Voce on the Selected Problem. [3] In addition to the above, the practical file of the candidate containing the practical work related to programming assignments done during the year is to be evaluated as follows: Programming assignments done throughout the year (by the Teacher) [5] Programming assignments done throughout the year (by the Visiting Examiner) [5] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 ISC SPECIMEN QUESTION PAPER 2016

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