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Last Leaf Questions - Ripped off from Peace :D

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Hitesh Nair
St. Thomas Residential School, Thiruvananthapuram
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1. Why did artists flock to the Greenwich Village? The houses in Greenwich Village had Dutch attics and eighteenth century gables. These offered the ideal setting for budding painters. Apart from this, the rent there was affordable for the painters who were still struggling in their careers. 2. What brought the doctor to the house of Sue and Johnsy? Pneumonia had struck Greenwich Village. Johnsy was down with the disease. Her frail body was unable to cope with the severity of the attack. She lay in her bed miserable, forlorn and delirious. Her condition was deteriorating fast. Alar ed at her frie d s plight, Sue had asked the do tor to o e a d e a i e Johnsy. . What as the do tor s o ser atio ? The doctor examined the ailing Johnsy. He was not sanguine about her ability to fight off the virulent pneumonia which had virtually dragged her to the brink. He conveyed this to Sue, but assured her that Johnsy still had 10% chance of survival. He promised to give the best medicine, but regretfully said that the patie t s e tal su issio to the i fe tio as u der i i g her od s apa it to fight a k. He ad ised Sue to do e er thi g possi le to i je t some hope and willpower back to the desolate Johnsy. If this happened, the efficacy of the medication would be doubled, he assured. He suggested Sue to explore if Johnsy had any un-fulfilled desire that could be met to make her recover her lost mental strength. . Ho did Sue rea t to the do tor s ad i e? Clearl , the do tor s gri ar i g a out the Joh s s sli ha es of sur i al unsettled Sue. She was in a quandary thinking about the way she could make Johnsy give up her lost desire to recover. But, being a pragmatic and tenacious

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