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Hype Beast
Kim Il Sung University, I Just Looked That Up So Idk
Master of cannabis cultivation converting satvia into nukes
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Hype Beast



Tuition for:
Subjects taught: all kinds of stuff
Qualifications: If you have to ask, you don't belong here.
What makes me a great tutor?: I let students snort cocaine during the class
Other Information:
Locations where I can teach: Online, My home, Your home, Other Public Place

Interested in Exam Papers of :

Exams of interest: Question papers of life
You can also UPLOAD papers if you have them!

Education History (Schools / Colleges / Universities attended) :

Kim Il Sung University, I Just Looked That Up So Idk 1901 - 1902
Classes / Degree : Master of cannabis cultivation
Field of Study or Stream : converting satvia into nukes
Marks / Grade Obtained : A+++
Academic Achievements : Hons.
Sports/Cultural : skinned poor farmers with Kim Jong-un. classic 20's

"friggin best"




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