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ICSE Class X Prelims 2021 : Physics (R. B. K. School (RBK), Mira Road)

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Heet Miyani
R. B. K. School (RBK), Mira Road
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RBK RBK School, Mira Road (Managed by Babubhai Kanakia Foundation) SDO, School Code: MA069 PRELIM 1 2020-21 Std: 10 Marks: 80 Date: 10/03/21 Subject: PHYSICS Dur.: 2 Hours SECTION 1 (ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS IN THIS SECTION) Q1.a. State the conditions under which work done b. For 2 single movable pulley, select the appropriate option, a i)MA i) 2 2, VR = 1, Speed multiplier. MA 2, VR 2, Force = multipiier. i) MA 1, VR = 1, convenient direction iv) = 2, Force = c. by a force is positive. MA 1, VR of effort. multiplie. Copy the geometrical lamina drawn below to obtain the position of its center of 2 gravity. Mark G in the diagram. d. Calculate the amount of heat energy gained when 0.6kg of water at 28 C is brought to its boiling point. eThe refractive index of diamond is 2.42. What is meant by this statement? Q2. a. Define Power. b. A nucleus Li, form a Express it in terms of two derived quantities. having atomic number 3 and nucleus Be. Write the mass no. 7, emits symbolic equation of the An object placed is at a distance X from 15cm from the lens. If the focal RBK School, Mira Road |ICSE Std 1 to 10 a convex 2 2 a beta particle to process and what is the general name of the product nucleus formed with respect to the parent nucleus. C. 2 lens to obtain length of the lens is 10cm, find X. an 2 inverted image, 2

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