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ICSE 2015 CHEMISTRY : organic chemistry model paper

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Guneet Singh
St. Xavier's Collegiate School (SXCS), Kolkata
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ICSE Sample Question Paper on Organic Chemistry Full Marks: 80 Time alloted: An hour and a half Instructions: 1. This question paper consists of two sections. 2. Section A is compulsory. 3. Attempt any four questions from Section B. 4. You may have to refer to the diagram sheet at the end of the question paper for answering certain questions from Section A as well as from Section B. In such a case, do not copy any diagrams from the diagram sheet. 5. You need to provide appropriate chemical equations while answering all questions where it is possible to do so. Section A (40 marks) Question 1: Draw the branched structural formula of thr following organic compounds: 8 marks a) 2-butene (trans) b) 2,3-dimethylbut-1-ene c) 4-methylhex-2-yne d) Pent-2-en-1-oic acid Question 2: Give a difference between each of the following pairs according to the topic given in brackets: 8 marks a) Organic Compounds/ Inorganic Compounds (Combustibility) b) Homocyclic Compounds/ Heterocyclic Compounds (Composition) c) Branched Structural Formula/ Electronic structural formula (Any difference) d) Alkanes/ Alkynes (Type of isomerism with reason)

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