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GATE 2015 : General Aptitude (Set 2)

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GATE 2015 SET- 2 General Aptitude -GA Q. 1 Q. 5 carry one mark each. Q.1 Choose the appropriate word/phrase, out of the four options given below, to complete the following sentence: Dhoni, as well as the other team members of Indian team, ____________present on the occasion. (A) were Q.2 (B) was (C) has (D) have Choose the word most similar in meaning to the given word: Awkward (A) Inept Q.3 (B) Graceful (C) Suitable (D) Dreadful (C) Misogynously (D) Misogynous What is the adverb for the given word below? Misogynous (A) Misogynousness Q.4 (B) Misogynity An electric bus has onboard instruments that report the total electricity consumed since the start of the trip as well as the total distance covered. During a single day of operation, the bus travels on stretches M, N, O, and P, in that order. The cumulative distances travelled and the corresponding electricity consumption are shown in the Table below: Stretch Cumulative distance (km) Electricity used (kWh) M N O P 20 45 75 100 12 25 45 57 The stretch where the electricity consumption per km is minimum is (A) M Q.5 (B) N (C) O (D) P Ram and Ramesh appeared in an interview for two vacancies in the same department. The probability of Ram s selection is 1/6 and that of Ramesh is 1/8. What is the probability that only one of them will be selected? (A) 47/48 (B) 1/4 (C) 13/48 (D) 35/48 Q. 6 Q. 10 carry two mark each. Q.6 In the following sentence certain parts are underlined and marked P, Q, and R. One of the parts may contain certain error or may not be acceptable in standard written communication. Select the part containing an error. Choose D as your answer if there is no error. The student corrected all the errors that the instructor marked on the answer book. P Q R (A) P GA (B) Q (C) R (D) No Error 1/1

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