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Do u know solid angle? than define a hyper solid angleAnswer
asked by PHYSICIST_Mainak 2 years ago
THIS PROGRESSIVE PAGE HAS GOT FILLED WITH FOOLS LIKE sdgf, alex and catlover. SO iwould be extremely grateful if u leave it and let the others progressAnswer
asked by PHYSICIST_Mainak 3 years ago
Everyone move to the CS and PCM enthusiasts group. Its much better than living in this hell.
asked by Krishanu Dutta 3 years ago
guys srsly??this is a place for physics lovers not a battlefield..all those who wish to fight can create an other group...btw anyone heard of string theory??Answer
asked by Swarupa 3 years ago
Till now I was just keeping quiet on seeing the arrogant replies of this guy 'mainak'. I don't know how others who even after hearing from this guy's sharp tongue kept quiet. This group cannot discuss even the basics of science because it has arrogant guys like mainak. You are disrespecting science itself. Alex, I really respect your thoughts against this guy, you being the only person to stand up against him. If anyone else has the slightest self respect for himself or herself may stand with us.Answer
asked by Krishanu Dutta 3 years ago

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