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Tomorrow chemistry ...m totally scared...coz chemistry is a mystery for me...prep done...atb evryone😊Answer
asked by Gauri Sahu 3 years ago
sab silent kyu hogya??? terrorist attack in Calcutta or what?? did an earthquake triggered?? did chem prevented u all from opening res?? whats the matter?? itna sannata kyu h?? aaj tak res itna silent kavi nhi tha......... btw 2day is the res anniversary 1st yr 4 meAnswer
asked by Prince Adwaya 3 years ago
ALL the best to all my hindi students friendsssss.....for tom:)Answer
asked by 1013 3 years ago
cmmnt here plzzzzAnswer
asked by 1013 3 years ago
can anyone pls share the important distinguish between in chemistry?Answer
asked by Sai Madhan 3 years ago

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